Knock it Off! Fossil Cosmetic Wedge

It’s about time I got a tutorial up in this hood. No seriously, I made this ages ago, but was just saving it to bust out on a rainy day. I love it when I think ahead.

mad mim makeup tote_12

I’ve long needed to replace my nasty t00-small makeup tote. It had held one too many shattered eye shadows, but I knew it was time when my coconut oil spilled in there and made a disgusting, grimy, mess. So I went looking for a makeup tote to suit: had to be big enough, had to be water proof, had to be cool. I found this Fossil one for $25. Not a bad price really. Good deal, actually. So naturally I decided to make one instead.

I found this fabric for a song at Hancock’s. I think I spent less than $2. The iron-on vinyl cost $3. Including the zip zip I think I spent around $7. Cha ching.

What you’ll need for this awesome makeup tote if you so choose to make it:

1/4 of a yard of cool fabric (I used quilter’s cotton, but in hind sight I think that canvas would work well)

1/4 of a yard of another cool fabric

1/2 a yard of iron on vinyl (optional)

10″ zipper (can be longer and cut down)

coordinating thread

small piece of coordinating ribbon + large bead (optional) I swiped a pony bead from my 4-year-old’s collection. Feel free to use something cooler.

Cut out your fabric and iron on vinyl using my Cosmetic Wedge Pattern: 2 top pieces , 2 bottom pieces, 2 lining pieces (+ 2 side-top and 2 side-bottom of the iron-on).

madmim makeup tote_1

 Apply your iron on vinyl according to package directions.mad mim makeup tote_2

 Piece sides together by sewing side- top pieces to side-bottom pieces using a 1/4″ seam allowance.mad mim makeup tote_3

Open up and push the seam allowance toward bottom, topstitch.  Repeat with other side.mad mim makeup tote_4

Match outside lines to inside lines to form pleats (outside lines go under). Baste.  Repeat on other side as well as on both lining pieces.
mad mim makeup tote_5

Now make a zipper sandwhich: layer your lining (facing up), your zipper (facing up), and your outside panel (facing down) and pin well. Stitch about an 1/8″ away from the zipper teeth using a zipper foot. Make sure to back stitch well. Repeat on on opposite side of the zipper, remember lining, zipper, outside panel sandwich. mad mim makeup tote_6

Open up mad mim makeup tote_7

and topstitch close to either side of zipper on outside panels. Move your zipper pull to the middle of the tote.mad mim makeup tote_8

Get ready to sew around the whole thing by putting your lining pieces RST, and your outside panels RST.  Fold your zipper tape to one side or the other, making sure both sides are folded the same way. Pin well, especially that end with the open zipper.  Leave an opening on the bottom edge of the lining for turning.
mad mim makeup tote_9

Sew around the whole tote making sure to go slowly over zipper. Back stitch to make sure that sucker is secure. Oh, and make sure to leave that opening open for turning. mad mim makeup tote_10

Turn the whole thing right side out, and then sew that opening closed. Stuff the lining in the tote.

mad mim makeup tote_11

Now add a little ribbon to your zipper pull and knot a large bead to the end. Burn the edges of the ribbon to prevent fraying.
mad mim makeup tote_12
Now fill this bad boy with your makeup. Remember! No shattered eye shadows!mad mim makeup tote_13




How have I never heard of iron-on vinyl!?!? My life just changed forever for the better. . .
And the clutch is ADORABLE by the way! I think about you every day and hope things are going well!


I was totally going to say the same thing as Rach. Iron-on vinyl? Do you purchase by the yard?

As usual, well done Miriam Tribe. Well done.


yep. by the yard. heat bond is the brand. i heard that comes in both matte and gloss, but i’ve only seen it in gloss. it’s held up pretty good so far, but we’ll see. ps I’ve so enjoyed looking at your pins on pinterest!

Diane Stewart

I love this bag! Your tutorial is well written and easy to understand. Thanks for sharing our talents with us.


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