Knock it Off! Crewcuts Bow Shoulder Tank Suit

Oh, my goodness I’m tired.

It’s almost like it’s really late, and I’m really pregnant. Weird.

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So here’s the sweet little swimsuit I mentioned the other day. It came together so quickly! Really peeps, swimsuit sewing isn’t NEAR as frightening as you think. Well, at least I haven’t met with disaster yet, and I really have loved my first swimsuit attempt. Ever since then I’ve been itching to try it again, and this time I decided to shoot for something kiddie-sized.

You know those really annoying ads to the side of your email? Oh wait, you all switched to gmail like 5 years ago, and don’t have to deal with that kind of rubbish like I do because I’m too lazy to transfer from Yahoo. Anyway, JCrew frequently has an ad to the side of my email, and mostly it shows the very cute Crewcuts (Jcrew for rich kids). One day it flashed this swimsuit, and I couldn’t resist knocking it off for my gal. Now I know that I can find a cute suit at Target for like $15 or maybe even cheaper, but there’s something so fun about trying to create something more expensive for a fraction of the cost. Actually, there’s just something fun about sewing–have you picked up that vibe yet from me? I like sewing. I don’t really care if it’s easier/cheaper to buy. It’s funner to make. And it is often cheaper.

Crew Cuts version at 49.50 originally–now on sale for $37.


I got the fabric from Denver Fabrics at $7 a yard, and used maybe a 1/3 yard. Eventually I’ll use the remainder on a suit for me. I used Kwik Sew 3785 (which is really where I dumped my money, because it was like $10 on sale a few months ago), but hopefully it will be worth the investment. It seemed to be a really good pattern.

I referenced Renae at Creative Chicks swimsuit tutorials again, which by the way, speaking of Wealth of Knowledge, is soooooo like SOOOO helpful. She has enough information with photos etc to publish a book, which I would promptly buy. You MUST check it out if your even thinking about sewing your own suit. Really. Tell her I sent you, which might weird her out cause she doesn’t know me, but I feel in my heart that we’re already friends.

When my girlie tried it on she said that she would never take it off, which she didn’t until she changed about 30 minutes later into her suit from last summer. But don’t worry, her little cousin then took a turn sporting it, and it looked great on her too.

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Miriam–you don’t really know me, either, but I know Em, so that makes us friends, right? Anyway, I saw your reference to Renae on your post about your own swimsuit, so when I was having troubles with a suit I was making, I checked out her blog and eventually emailed her for further info. Turns out, she lives 15 minutes from me and she invited me to a sewing session at her home! It was so fun and REALLY helpful. I whipped out a swimsuit in no time flat with her help! I can’t wait to make more. She really is as great as you think. 🙂


Yep, that definitely makes us friends! That’s SO cool that you had a sewing session with her! I’m totally jealous!

Maman A Droit

I like your version better than J Crew! Good job! (PS I think I’ve commented before, but if not, hi! I read regularly but am usually too busy chasing my toddler to comment!)


Too too cute! Great job on that little suit.
It almost makes me wish I had more little girls running around at my house. My little girls aren’t so “little” anymore;

Thanks for the plug and those nice comments. You’re welcome to come sew at my house anytime you’re in the Twin Cities.


lots of cool things happenin’ here, not the least of which is your gal’s beautiful smile! Love the small world connections– who would have dreamed?


Oh my gosh, this is AWESOME!! It has always intimidated me to sew a swim suit…but yours looks so professional!! And I loooove the bow and ruffle. I want one of these for myself!!


I like yours better than the name brand!! it makes me want to learn how to sew! (for reals, instead of just the pretend stuff I do)


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