Knitted Diaper Covers

Mad Mim_knitted diaper covers or "soakers"

I’ve always enjoyed the good fortune of being pregnant in good company. With my first daughter I was pregnant at the same time as my two sisters Emily and Eirene–all of us having girls–and they ended up being born on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of June.  Really. With my second, I was pregnant with my two sister-in-laws April and Katie–all of us having boys– and they were born within two months of each other.  I like having a pregnant companion because it’s always fun to have someone to share all the juicy pregnancy stuff with. Someone who doesn’t tire of talking about swollen ankles and constipation. You really need someone to commiserate about all the suffering that accompanies pregnancy, as well as share and get excited about nesting projects and clothes found/bought/made etc.

This time around it’s my sister Eirene again who is my pregnancy pal.  She’s due in about 5 weeks, and like always, I enjoy both commiserating about this and that, as well as delighting over various baby projects with her on a regular basis.  Although I haven’t yet been converted to cloth diapering, I was drooling over these amazing little knitted diaper covers that she made for upcoming boy or girl (they’re not finding out, the weirdos).

But aren’t they amazing?! Here are the details that she gave me. They’re called “soakers”, and are to wear over like a tri-fold diaper.  She used this pattern, and ordered her high quality wool yarn at for something like a $1.90 a skien. According to her, that is THE PLACE to get high quality yarn for cheaper than anywhere else. I trust her on that one. She said that each cover cost less than $2 to make, compared to the $13-$15 you pay elsewhere for covers. So, their cost effective. IF you knit. But regardless, they are JUICY. I can’t wait to actually see a tiny pink little bum in them, and not my old Felicity doll from days of yore.

Mad Mim_knitted diaper covers or "soakers" Mad Mim_knitted diaper covers or "soakers" Mad Mim_knitted diaper covers or "soakers"



Oh my holy goodness! If only I could follow a pattern. I knit straight lines and that’s about it.
And my babies wear cloth diapers!
I just love these covers. So cute!


Very cute! I love Knit Picks yarn, but hadn’t thought to do diaper covers in such great colors. *nb: Although I love the pattern she used, there are free diaper cover knitting patterns that look very similar. On the covers I made recently for a friend, I used velcro, which is less cute than buttons, but perhaps a little easier to manage.


I’d be afraid of velcro catching on the yarn and fraying it.
Did you knit them, Mim, or did Eirene?
When I was pregnant w/Christopher I wanted a doll to try all his baby clothes on.


what type of yarn did you use? I’m trying to find the right kind of yarn for my SIL to knit me one and I’m NOT a yarn person. Do I go with machine washable, 100% wool, worsted weight or hand wash 100% wool, worsted weight?


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