Inkodye Wallet + giveaway!


The was me getting the internet again. We’ve been without since we moved last weekend, and I pined for it like Buttercup for her Wesley. Thanks everybody for such great moving tips, they really did help! I ended up deciding Friday night at about 6:30 pm that I wanted to move the next day, so my mom and sister came over, and we just attacked that beast. It was totally nuts, but I’m so glad we did it. And after a week I have TWO rooms unpacked, and we have internet! Woo hoo!

Now onto the coolest stuff you’ve ever heard about: Inkodye! I could barely wait to get my hands on this stuff, and have had a blast experimenting with it. It is so rad. It’s got endless applications–you can use it on lots of different surfaces, but as a seamstress, I was so excited to play around with dying fabric according to your projects structure and design.  I decided to start by doing a project that I could play around with the design as it fit into the construction, as well as something that would be fun and show off the vibrant colors that Inkodye produces. Twinkle has a birthday right around the corner, so I thought an Inkodye wallet would sufficiently rock her world.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_front

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_innerFor all of you that haven’t heard about this stuff, I’ll sum up: it’s a dye that only develops its color when under the magical powers of the sun. This is particularly cool, because you can arrange whatever object or design (object, picture negative, etc) you want on the fabric, and when exposed to the sun, it creates a silhouette of the object.  Is your mind exploding with the possibilities?? I know mine did.

So tell me, what would YOU do with Inkodye? Inkodye and I are super pumped to give away an Inkodye Tricolor Kit to one lucky reader! To enter the giveaway, take a looksy over at Lumi, and tell me about some of the cool things that pop into your head. We’d love to hear about them! You have until next Thursday (May 3,)  9 pm MST, at which point I’ll pluck one of your lovely names from a hat. I’ll let ya’ll know on Friday. May the odds be ever in your favor!

Inkodye Button Wallet Tutorial

You’ll need:

-Some inkodye. Enter the giveaway, already!

-about 1/4 yard of fabric. I used a simple white cotton.

-some interfacing

-measuring tools like a medicine syringe are handy

-something to apply the brush like a foam brush or paint brush.

-a button

-a bit of cord elastic

-lots of cards and money to put into it, very important.

1. Cut out your fabric:

-2 outer pieces 8″ x 4.5″

-2 pieces interfacing 8″ x 4.5″

-2 lining pieces 8″ x 4″

-3 pocket pieces 8″ x 2.5″

2. Apply interfacing to outer pieces (no pic). Finish one long edge of each pocket piece by serging/zigzagging, then turning under 1/4″ and top stitching

3. Round up subject matter for Inkodye: think big! I used everyday objects (buttons, beads, dominos), but check out Lumi for more ideas. You can also use Lumi’s super great resist for writing or hand drawing designs.  I pored some in a fine tip applicator bottle (found at TwinkleAnn’s) to write Twinkle’s name.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_resist4. Mix up your Inkodye (I used 2 parts dye to 1 part water), and then paint your pieces. The color doesn’t show inside, but I will say that less is more with Inkodye; there’s no need to over saturate.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_Inkodye mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_mix dye

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_apply dye5. Arrange your objects in desired design, and then take outside to expose. It takes just a couple seconds to change colors, and then a few minutes to fully develop. SUCH a fun thing for kids to see. My kids LOVED desiging their own prints!

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_arrange do-dads mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sun

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sun_2(I used a mirror to reflect light directly over the buttons to make sure light got into the tiny holes—not sure if this was necessary or helped, but it was kinda fun all the same)

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sun_3Bring inside and rinse thoroughly, and then allow to dry.  Lumi recommends rinsing with warm water, then with detergent, and then again with water. I just rinsed thoroughly, and it left the fabric a little stiffer which was ideal for this project. Admire your handiwork!

mad mim_Inkodye_rinse

Inkodye Wallet_admire handiwork 6. Assemble your wallet:  Place your top pocket 1 1/8″ down from the top of an outer piece (hemmed side up), and sew near bottom edge.  Place second pocket 5/8″ down from top and sew at bottom edge, and then remaining pocket 5/8″ down from that, sewing bottom raw edge aligned with outer bottom edge.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew on pocketsMeasure and mark center point, and then sew down the middle to create two rows of pockets.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew pocket separationBaste side edges (no pic), and then sew a knotted loop to center side and secure the heck out of it.  Clip knot off.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew elastic loopSew anything you want to on the outside (like my little name tag) and then sew outer pieces, RST, around sides and bottom. Clip corners. (you’ll note that I had to UNpick this step because I forgot to sew the name tag on first).

madmim_Inkodye Wallet_sew embellishments on outside

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_pin,sew,clip,turn outerFlip to right sides out.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_flip outer rightside outSew lining pieces RST around sides and bottom, leaving an opening at the bottom edge for turning. Place outer wallet RS out, INSIDE lining (WS out) and sew around top edge.  Turn right sides out by pulling wallet through lining hole, and the sew up hole, and stuff the lining inside the outer wallet.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew lining sides,bottom mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_pin outer inside lining

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew lining to outer,flip,topstitchSew outer wallet to lining by topstitching top opening, and finish by topstitching through all thicknesses around sides and bottom.  Press flat and then middle crease.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_topstitchSew your button on, being careful to only catch that outer piece and not inner pockets. Press once more for good measure.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_sew on buttonDone! Such a fun piece, that is so unique and vibrant.

mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_nametag mad mim_Inkodye Wallet_open

mam mim_Inkodye Wallet_outerCan’t wait to see what you come up with–don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Have a great weekend!


Heather Feather

Oh this is amazing! I really want to try it! I’d love to win. I’d made some cool onesies for my son and a dress/skirt for me. I loved the lace lamp idea and using glass/dry erase markers. It makes making a cool print so much easier!

April Mitchell

I want to make a dry-erase doodle pillow using my kids art work. I love that idea! It would also be fun to make a valence for my kids’ bedroom window. Or, how about a printed ribbon using alphabet magnets. You could attach the ribbon to a stick and make ribbon sticks for the kids to dance with. Hope I get to try it out! Thanks, Mim!

Eirene Henderson

That’s so cool. I just gotta get my hands on that stuff. I wanna weeeen! (read like Nacho would)
P.S. your camera is rocking the casba


A lace top would be so fun to create, using this to paint your lace on. Or making my son some fun onsies with sports teams super hero’s on it. What a fun product!


Awesome! I would love to try this at my sisters baby shower this summer. I’m thinking of painting some shapes on the front of white onesies, then having the guests create some patterns for the customized onesies.

Bree Anne Olsen

My mind is reeling! I want to try it all! I love the lace idea and the ability to create my own patterned fabric, but I’m dying (pun intended) to try some photography stuff… Pick me! Pick me!

Crunchy Con Mommy

The wallet totally reminds me for some reason of a dress I had in like 4th grade with a tye-dye/batik type octopus pattern, so I kinda wanna make myself a skirt if I win. Maybe using toy animals as the sun-blocking pattern creators (especially if I can find an octopus!)

Yam B Fan

Welcome to your new world! So glad you are back on the planet (ie. hooked up to our wwww–the first w stands for wonderful)! Hey, put my name in the draw on general principles. I think that your creative friends are coming up with fabulous ideas, but how about tracing around a baby or child’s hands and feet (I know, not easy with a baby) and cutting out several templates that you could lay out and make a fun and personalized baby blanket with. One of my favorite summer blankets was a very LARGE square blanket a co-worker sewed, cotton on the outside and flannel on the inside layer. No tieing and she used eyelet lace around the edges to join the layers. It was nice because it was bigger than usual, not too heavy (ie. HOT) for summer and was great for covering the territory while nursing, or laying baby on the floor. Hands/and feet templates, and maybe some baby toy type objects, would make a really fun pattern. The possibilities of this inkodye stuff are endless! Enjoy reclaiming your world, one room at a time! It usually took me about six months to finish going through all those “later” boxes, and by the end I was always wondering why I had bothered to pack about a third of the stuff. It’s a great time to get enough “space” to become objective about that.

Denise Selino

This looks like fun! I liked that lace lampshade too, and there are no limits to what I could do with some resist as well…


Oh my goodness!v So cool!
I perused their website and got some really neat ideas. I love the dry erase idea. I have a need for some pillows in my living room and could totally use that method. I also have a TON of old negatives from my high school photography classes and could use them for some cool projects. So many cool ideas!!

Beth M. Stephenson

It would be fun to put a footprint on the fanny of some kids’ shorts. I wonder if it wuold make a clean image if you applied it on the finished item, over the seams. It looks like lots of fun!

Kilee Nickels

This is amazing! I can’t wait to try it out! I am thinking a table runner with doily prints to match other decor in my house, pillows for our bedroom, t-shirt designs with lace….very cool. Thanks for the heads up!


That wallet is super awesome; I am actually jealous. I looked at the Lumi site and loved the dinosaur pillow. Except for the pillow part; I think it would be more my style to put the dinosaurs on the wall instead. Art!


Man oh man. Those buttons turned out sah-weet! I kinda want to make an apron with the silhouettes of all of my favorite cooks tools on it. Wouldn’t that be fun?! Or toy bags with the actual toys printed on the fabric!

Jen S

I could have so much fun with that stuff! I love the way the buttons look. I could see an adorable kids skirt for my daughter. I could also picture a long flowy skirt for me with leaf and floral silhouettes around the hem. I really want to try Inkodye!


looks super cool kid, i will have to check it out in the shops here. I dont want to enter, it would be way to costly and probably messy to send here!!! Hope all the moving business is a stress of the past? Lots of love jen x

MotherDana St John

This is some super-duper cool stuff!! I would start with making printed fabric for blankies I’m making for my kidlets for Christmas (I know, I do have to start early as I have 4 of the little buggers). I would use airplanes, wheels and tires and some car parts, flowers and hearts and peace signs, and lace for the patterns.
Thanks for the opportunity and for the great tutorial!
xoxo MotherDana


This is amazing and the possibilities are endless. I think I would use the dye to mark my sons school items since I have been using a marker which usually fades after sometime.
Or how about to make fabric labels?
Are you posting international?

Mary Beth Elderton

Wow! This is completely new to me. I’ve just added some touches to my grand-daughter’s room–a rug, some bedding–and I’ve been thinking of a couple of throw pillows and a laundry bag. This would be a super technique to make something unique and personal.


What amazing stuff!! I would LOVE to win and try my hand at making a hand-dyed silk scarf. Or maybe a t-shirt. And a tote would be super fun, too. Thanks for the chance!

Sue Bunting

I would use it to decorate my daughters clothes, she tells me they are to boring!

Valerie Stayton

This is THEE COOLEST thing ever!!! I can think of so many, many things for this amazing product. I am emailing this to my daughters riding instructor. I can see us making some awesome horse themed products and signs to sell to raise money for my daughters junior riding team!! LOVE THIS <3


Ooooh I’d work on some curtains for a future nursery and some dish towels to give as a wedding present next month. Woot!


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