Ikat Foldover Makeup Pouch

So, news. We’re moving!

For a kazillion and one reasons we feel it’s time for our little family to get a move on to a home that meets our family’s needs better than where we’re at right now. It’s not just needing more space although heaven knows that’s a huge part of it, there were lots of reasons that we needed a change. After a couple of weeks of looking and turning up empty handed, a beautiful, dreamy, lovely home in South Weber sort of fell into our laps, and we can hardly believe it’s going to be our new home! We’re set to move in a few weeks, and honestly we can hardly wait.

But until then it’s going to be an onslaught of busy-ness.  First off, I’m going to LA at the end of the month and I’m SO EXCITED! Yay! Of course I have to whip a few little lovelies for that, so I’ve been doing some selfish sewing and thoroughly enjoying some late nights. Right after I get home I’ve got a birthday party to throw  for Twinkle, and then we’ll head south to spend a week soaking some of that broiling Las Vegas sun with family.  And then, we’ll get home just in time to spend some time with Allan’s family and say goodbye to  his little brother who is going on a mission for our church in the Phillipines for the next two years. And THEN I’ll pack us up to move. Yikes, when I write it all out like that it makes me feel nauseated.

With all that traveling planned, I finally decided to treat myself to a new makeup pouch, my current one was pretty nasty (WHY do make up bags get so gross??). I wanted something pretty big that could handle all my travel lotions and potions, but that could still stand up on it’s own for easy rooting. I once again turned to Vanessa’s perfect  foldover pouch pattern (first version here), but this time I boxed out the bottom so it can stand alone.  For convenience, I also added an inside zip for my tweezers and brow brush–two things I loathe having to dig for). I love how sturdy and legit this thing is. It’s exactly what I was hoping for, and I love the blocked ethnic-looking fabrics. The main fabric was thrifted and gifted to me by my sister, and the ikat print was an 1/8 of a yard scrap from my friend Melissa that I scored at the fabric swap a while back.

mad mim_ikat  make up pouch_03 mad mim_ikat  make up pouch_01

mad mim_ikat  make up pouch_02
mad mim_ikat  make up pouch_04

mad mim_ikat  make up pouch_05

So I have a feeling I won’t get all my planned projects done, I won’t get my house packed, I will stress out and break out over the party (never thrown one before), and I will likely burn in Vegas. BUT. It will all turn out fine, and at least my makeup is now housed in a sweet pouch and not  the dusty-with-shattered-eye shadow, too small and flimsy alternative!



Congratulations on finding a new home. That’s exciting! You sure have a busy month ahead of you.

Cute make up bag. The inside zip for brushes/tweezers is a clever idea. I hate digging for those tools too.


I love it! Also? I think that Melissa got that in a scrap box from me! How fun?!?! I like how fabric ties us all together.


What?? Really?! That’s hilarious! So fun to hear the history of that little scrap! Thank you for inadvertently sending it my way!! Small fabric world!

Amy U

You amaze me. As in: hmmm…need a custom makeup bag real quick. With zippered pockets. And it’s just… done. And congratulations on the new house. How exciting! Maybe you should whip one out with a few fabric scraps you have on hand tomorrow afternoon. 😉


No no, I need to clear this up! When I say “whip” (a verb I should really just stay away from), I mean spend all evening on it….like…at least three hours. So yeah, truth is out, I’m actually a slow-mo sewist, but I guess to me one evening is quick like a fox! So don’t be too impressed, but thanks for the kind words anyway!!

yam b fan

Gonna chime in with Amy, that what you did is still quick! My speed for getting projects done is more like glacial, so a single evening is definitely flash. I love both of the bags you’ve made thus far.


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