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I worked my fingees to the bone in this room, practically every where you look is a massive DIY project. The pride and joy of course, is the chaise lounge I made like a crazy lady. Funnest DIY I’ve ever done, but more on that later. Hanging out right above the lounger is another DIY, a wooden dowel  wall grid thingy that I use to put some of my art and recent textile painting projects. Of all the projects I did, this is probably the least practical because of where it’s hanging. It’s been knocked off a couple times and it always annoys me, but I of course it’s my own fault. But it’s so pretty…. I’ll give you the deets on that later too.

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Moving on to the wall organizer. Another crazy DIY, I mean I’m outta control. This thing was a bear, a royal annoyance. I almost didn’t finish it, all the minute cutting and glueing, ughgh.  but oh I’m so glad I muscled through, cause I looooove it. It turned out so much cooler than what I was picturing in my head, a rare diy anomaly! I used a thin oak veneer (I think it was labeled craft wood?), and it’s all glued together, not a nail in the whole thing. Luckily it’s proved perfectly sturdy, and really really functional–it keeps all those art supplies away from Tiny’s destructive reach.

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Ok, the old work table. This sucker has been a work horse for us, probably the single most used functional piece in our house. I bought it maybe 6-7 years ago at an elementary school surplus sale (it was backpack storage I think?) and for most of that time it’s been kinda unsightly. For the studio update, I busted out my FAVORITE NEW TOOL, my finish max paint sprayer. It was actually the first time I used it, and it made a project I’d been dreading for 7 years a total breeze. I LOVE MY PAINT SPRAYER. After I painted it white I slapped on some wooden legs that have casters on them, so I can actually wheel this mammoth around, although fully loaded, it’s still very heavy. I also added a sheet of finished birch plywood on top, which I love as a photo background. In addition to a cut table and work surface (my cutting mat fits perfectly on top), this mother holds SO MUCH STORAGE–the cubbies are on both sides. It’s the perfect size for the room, but truth be told, whenever we move next and hopefully have a bigger space, I’ll probably say goodbye to this old staple and replace it with the biggest table I can find, hashtag neverenoughspace hashtag victim. 

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(Ahh, the hieroglyph project. Go check out my instagram if you missed it.)


My closet. Not very cute, not super organized. Holds a ton of essential crap.

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This peg board was actually the very first thing I set up when we moved in three years, so it’s been around. So functional, peg board for the win!

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The sewing desk. I had to go with the tiniest desk I could here, there wasn’t room for anything else. In the past this would have worked for me cause I can’t fit my sewing machine and serger on it at the same time, but since I’m doing very little sewing these days, it’s not a bother to switch machines. The beautiful circle storage shelf is my FAVE, and it holds a surprisingly huge amount of my paint (I reinforced it by screwing in some heavy duty L brackets into studs under the middle shelf). Art supplies are just so pretty by themselves, this shelf really helps them shine.

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Wa wa waaaaa, the other side of the room. Nothing super special here, this is Allan’s side obviously. Best thing about this side of the room are the images from Allan’s master thesis (heat images of friction stir welding). I’ve always really loved them, like abstract art but with all that sentimental meaning. I really should have not been lazy and gotten a better shot of them, I just couldn’t be bothered to take out the glass to avoid the reflecting light, my bad.

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The view from the door, you can see my hand painted curtains here. Other things worth mentioning, the worlds’s COMFIEST chrome chairs I scored off KSL, and the beautiful moon paintings by Havoc Hendricks. Also, that girl is DEF not supposed to be drinking tea at the computer….


Well that’s it! Coming soon, a bare bones tutorial on the chaise lounge and wall grid, hopefully in the next couple weeks, hashtag nopromises. This room makes me so happy now! There’s still several things I would love to do to like PERFECTLY optimize the space, but I mean, I gotta call it at some point. Especially when the bathroom across the hall is in desperate need of some love….

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