Holiday Hoopla: the Crocheted Baubles

Another Pinterest find, these crocheted baubles were quick work after the meticulous (yet fun) details of the Matryoshka doll ornaments.  And they revived my appreciation for crochet (more of that appreciation to come!) I LOVE the way they look on my tree, and I wish I had six more.
mad mim christmas_crochet baubles_3

mad mim christmas_crochet baubles_1 mad mim christmas_crochet baubles_2

(the glass balls I bought at Big Lots for $3, and the my sister Rene was very generous with her yarn supply)

This was a big year for me as far as beefing up my ornament collection.  In the future I’ll make more gradual installments. What about you? Did you add any gems to your collection? What kind of tree do you like?





I’m loving all your ornaments and ideas! I enjoy the colorful, homemade looking Christmas tree/ornaments myself. It feels more like Christmas to me when the house is full of stuff made by me and my kids. We are currently working on a felt bead garland. 🙂


Yes! Felted wool beads. Although, I may never get it long enough to put on our tree though, because my two year old insists on “helping”. Ha!


I have always thought that the most saintly thing we do as mothers is letting our children “help”–especially when cooking!! For felt circle garland isn’t NEAR long enough for the tree, but it makes a lovely accent. I’m sure your string is lovely!


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