His Easter Best: Vest and Skinny Shorts

Yeah, so Tito’s really pulling in a haul this Easter. This is originally what I wanted to make him, but then when I saw that big pile of handsome suit all sad and forgotten in a thousand little pieces getting crumbled and lost in my current-project basket, I took pity on that sad mess and decided to force myself to finish it before I got into anything else. This was my reward project. The vest was a cinch, but those shorts! (Ottobre 6/2011 #14) Whoa. I had to take my time carefully reading the instructions, but I learned a ton.  The thing that really impresses me about Ottobre, is that even though patterns don’t have diagram images step by step along the way, they have incredibly clear written instructions.  It helps if you know your way around the sewing block beforehand, but really they are very user friendly in my opinion. The pattern fit is great, but it’s really important to remember that you have to add a seam allowance when cutting out Ottobre’s patterns! I forgot, and so these shorts fit him great now, but probably won’t for long. Ooops! Hopefully I’ll be able to conquer the pattern more quickly next time. Bring it, Welt Pockets.

(I used vintage simplicity 8116 for the vest, and Ottobre’s Slim Leg Pant pattern  (#14) Winter 2011 issue)mad mim sewing_ boy's vest and skinny shorts

mad mim sewing_ boy's vest and skinny shorts mad mim sewing_ boy's vest and skinny shorts mad mim sewing_ boy's vest and skinny shorts




Um, this is what I should make for Milo. Instead he gets yet another bow tie. Poor kid. I NEED this pattern!

Emily Balling

Mim, you went B—–I—–G!!!! Ammmazing detail work there on Merritt’s pants, and wow that suit coat with elbow pads and pockets to match. Happy Easter Mimmest. Thanks for the bow tie pattern. We’re getting them done over here.



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