His Easter Best: The Handsome Little Suit

Remember when I was scheming a handsome little suit? I got far enough to cut it out, complete the first step, become intimidated and bored, and then let it sit on my shelf for six months. I figured I’d better make a go of it again before he grows out of it, which turns out, won’t be a while because it drowns him. I sized the pattern down a size (audibal groan), but I’m glad because now he can sport it all year long  (especially next Winter).

The deets: I should get a badge that’s fastened to a trophy that’s dangling from a ribbon for my all-time greatest squeak job. I repurposed a really weird pancho that someone gave me and squeaked out EVERY single usable peice. I LITRALY (Parks and Rec moment) willed there to be enough fabric by sure will-power, and had nothing but shreds left. It was a proud moment. I actually didn’t have enough for the pockets so I subbed corduroy, added elbow patches to tie it in (and because they’re adorable), and actually had to do a sneaky piecing job on the inside. I think the corduroy adds a lot.

I used Kwik Sew 3697, and only had to buy some matching thread. I really like how it turned out, but I gotta say, boy-sewing is not nearly as fun as girl-sewing, and I really have a hard time keeping up my sew-stamina. I’m just never really psyched-out-of-my-mind to put in a breast pocket, you know? And it also seems that boy-sewing is always a little more technical without the rewards of little trendy embellishments or detailing. And also let’s be honest, it’s a whole lot harder to wrestle a little boy into something you’ve made than a girl.  Twinkle has been known to just hang out naked by my sewing machine waiting to throw on
whatever I’m making, hot of the press. What do you think? Do you enjoy one more than the other? Am I unfairly/ignorantly playing favorites?

mad mim sewing_boy's suit mad mim sewing_boy's suit mad mim sewing_boy's suit mad mim sewing_boy's suit
mad mim sewing_boy's suit mad mim sewing_boy's suit



It’s got too many little home-made quirks to be a masterpiece, but it’s definitely one of my most technical projects to date! Thanks Elletrarossa!

Heather Feather

I love this! I really love the addition of the corduroy too. It makes it unique.
And I’m totally in love with fun boys clothes. Maybe because I’ve only got a boy! Who knows what’ll happen if I ever have a girl!


Wow, that turned out so cute. You should have heard me gasp when I saw it.
I need all the help I can get to make stuff like this for my son. Poor kid, he just gets left out so often!
Well done!

heather e

k. you had me at “repurposing a pancho” and “litraly”. and the blazer is so darn handsome it kills me!


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