Hi-Low with a Bow Maxi Dress

Have you ever altered a pattern so much that it just turned into a hot mess, and you spent triple the time it would have taken normally altering it back to the right fit? Yeah, me too.

I started out with a vintage pattern Butterick 4182 that I had thrifted and which was in a single size that was too small for me. So I enlarged it willy nilly, and did it such a stupid way (seriously, Mim?!), that the neck line ended up being HUGE. So I spent forever messing with it. I put it together, took it all apart, and then just fudged and fudged till it finally fit okay. Then it was this really odd triangle shape that looked weird, and I was really bummed about it until my sister suggest I pull it down into a little bow detail in the front. Genius, Em. After all the bother, I really like how it turned out.  Surprisingly, the hi-lowness of the skirt makes it way cooler, and boy oh boy was it hot today. I am such a fan of the elastic casing waist, too. It is super comfortable like any good maxi should be, and I love the burnt apricot color that already compromises too much of my wardrobe. Orange, I just can’t quit you.

For the hi-low skirt, I arranged the skirt side seam on top of side seam, and then pinned how high I wanted it to come in front. I then cut a slightly S shaped curve, making sure the high point flattened out so it didn’t just reach a point in front. Make sense? I thought it make hemming it difficult, but it was fine.

I seriously can’t make myself wear shorts/jeans this summer, so this number and my last maxi are getting major game time.  I’ve got yet another on my mind to make, that will probably come to fruition next time I need to do laundry.

And dude, my hair is getting long.


heather e

I really want to make my maxis high low now. And your hair is getting long and beautiful! I forgot to tell you the other day.


Hey so I totally went and bought the shirt you were wearing the other day from Shade.. it was like $6 on sale, no shipping! Sweet!


you and orange belong together. heather and i were talking about this dress today. i love the asymmetrical trend and this is perfect – not too drastic. we also agree that living in skirts is a must from here on out! she inspired me to cut the top off my 3 year old maxi dress and i love it as a skirt. this maxi skirt and asymmetrical trend is so good for us mormons, eh?

p.s. i am flying into slc wednesday june 27 so that’s probably the day to get together. i fly in around 1 i think. what if we got together at a park with heather + kids, too? my mom and dad will be around as well. it’ll be a party! email me.

yam b fan

i LOVE that bow thing going there–so clever! Genius idea. Very fun dress.


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