Her Purply Petal Princess Dress

Good for dancing,

Gardening,mad mim sewing_purply petal princess dress 2

and general princess-playing. mad mim sewing_purply petal princess dress 3

Pattern: Simplicity 2569

Alterations: I changed the zipper from back to side, and HALFED the amount of fabric for the skirt’s tiers (it called for tulle, and I used organza).

Regal, right?



cute!!! I assume you put the zipper on the side so that she can put it on herself?


Well, yes and no. Since I had halfed the width of the fabric on the skirt I ended with a big seam down the front if I had put the zipper in the back. So I switched it to the side, and the fact that she can zip it by herself was an added bonus!


I want to make my little girl a Rapunzel dress from Tangled using this pattern: McCall’s 6141. Anyone have ideas on how to alter it to make it look more like the dress in the movie?


My only head scratcher is how to replicate the embroidery on the front of the skirt. I don’t have a fancy machine that can handle that sort of thing.


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