Her First Prom

My little sister Sariah asked me to make her prom dress this year. Although she didn’t have specifics in mind, she was sure that she wanted something very classic, with a fitted 50’s waist-line and skirt. Something sweet, something simple.

We decided to use this pattern for the top, and then add a waistline and full skirt. It has a chiffon overlay over the skirt, although it turned out pretty subtle. I added the beading to give it an extra little dazzle.

Oh my goodness, doesn’t she look lovely?? To be seventeen again, and with that waistline….oh wait. I think I was probably 12 when I last had that waistline. But this dress fits her delicate waistline so perfectly. I mean literally, it’s a great fit; but the dress itself–so sweet, so lovely–just like my girl Sope.



Adorable! That’s such a classic look, there’s no way she’ll ever look back on it in 20 years and think ‘what the heck was I thinking?’ like *cough* some of us do. 😉 Nicely done – you should both be thrilled!


Oh my goodness, it looks so great. Your little sister is adorable! And I love the maternity dress you made, you look fabulous.

Emily Balling

Isn’t Sariah a little angel? Mim what a loving seemstress you are! You do inspire me to sew for others, I’m slowly becoming less selfish about sewing only for myself…and its your’s and Eirene’s sweetest example to me, thank you! And sounds like Sariah had an ‘I can’t stop talking about it’ experience! 🙂

heather e

I cannot believe that she’s old enough to go to Prom! And how amazing she looks and how beautfiul the dress is. Those sleeves!

InCircle Interiors

Sariah, you look stunning! And Mim, you have an excellent waistline. Back to Sariah: I’m so excited for your to look so awesome and different and unique and modest at prom! You are beautiful.

Mim, I need to call you back and discuss Austin and that maxi dress. Fantastic.

And mind if I post on your slipcover chairs tomorrow? I’m guessing you don’t, so I’m going for it.


Huzzah for Mim!!!!!!! What a beautiful job you did in creating that dress! So much vision from pattern to completion–Amazing!!! And how fun for Sopey to have such beautiful remembrances of that day–thanks for the photo shoot. There is something Norman Rockwellian in that first picture–something of the suspense at the wonder of life ahead, and innocence.


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