Her Birthday Flounce

My girl Twinkle turned 5 recently, and I was able to squeeze in some late-night birthday sewing  for her. Not nearly as much as my heart desired, but I managed a few special things that she really seemed to love.  I made this outfit as separates, not really intending them to go together, but if the shoe fits wear it, right? They look pretty cute together. The top is Ottobre ‘s Peacock Tunic from their Spring 2011 issue (#20), and the skirt is just a simple circle skirt with some fun little pockets for her to jam flowers and nickels into.  Simple, playful, comfortable, and functional, I’m sure these little numbers will be Summer staples.

mad mim_birthday flounce_7



Ooooh, LOVE the flounces!! I think that’s my favorite thing on girly clothes right now. Flounciness.


There you go, Beth! I inserted the second one down, although it’s not a straight-on shot. For whatever reason, I never did get a full front shot!


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