Handmade Family Wardrobe // Fall Sewing Schemes

I’m sort of halfway, not-really-intentionally working on having a handmade family wardrobe. The idea is that I’ll only make and keep items that my kids and I love, are high quality, special, and worth keeping.  Not necessarily going for quantity but lovely quality.  Hopefully that will simplify their wardrobe, and  omit part of the daily drawer-spew that is my life.  If I’m honest (love saying this I feel so British), it’s completely time-consuming and crazy, but I’m just shooting for a couple real gems for each of us. ‘Cept the Mister. Because… I’ve never managed to please him when buying stuff for him, and so to sew for him? I just can’t bear to rejected at that level.

For me: 1) I have been dreaming of a floral blazer (inspired by you, Kelli!). So far I haven’t found the perfect floral, so we’ll see. Got to have the perfect floral… 2) a simple lace blouse like this one from Madewell; I’m on a lace rampage! 3) Jeans! Ottobre latest women’s issue #9 4) basically I want to do a Mama-variation of the Kindergarten Classic. Again with the dyed lace.

mad mim fall wardrobe scheming for the girl

For the girl: 1) A shirt similar to this one which is just special. It looks like a variation on a simple raglan tee. 2) I would love to do a longer dress version of this Twinkleules floral tunic with large front pockets. 3)I love the idea of a chambray or other neutral dress embellished with bright pom poms. Not exactly this beautiful top, but along those lines…I also need to find a good jacket/coat to make for her this winter.

For the boy: 1)This handsome sweater with raglan seams and buttons is just dreamy.  I think there’s an Ottobre pattern that would be similar. 2)cool little basic tees with stencil designs like this. I already have two almost three of these made, post to come! And lastly, 3) slim legged jeans 4) a grandpa sweater in sky blue, and 5)some trim little slacks for Sunday (images via Jcrew kids).


1) The only thing I have planned for Baby Girly at the moment is a baby version of the Tilly Chambray jumper. I just plan on adding snaps to the legs, and simplifying the pattern a bit! Presh. I also am thinking that number 2 of the girl’s list would work well for her too…?

Besides all this lofty sewing madness, I have several different projects going on–I’m sure that I won’t have all the time I want to dedicate to our family wardrobe. That’s okay.  Scheming is half the fun and doesn’t involve as much seam ripping…




Yeah, the Ottobre pattern I’m thinking of has buttons on both sides, and I’m thinking it is just smart, because The Tribe family is a family of HUGE heads!!


Let me know if you find the perfect floral for that blazer. I have been on the lookout, but no luck. Can’t wait to see all of these projects.


Totally diggin. I need to take the time to figure out my next couple wardrobe additions. That floral blazer is kick a. And I love the tribal lace combo.


Love that Joules floral tunic…. not for my daughter, for me! 🙂
Great selection there, really need to focus on some basics for the summer here. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with…


I totally pinned that Joules floral tunic originally for me! It wasn’t until later that I thought it would be cute for her. I may just make three different versions of it–one for me, one for the girl, one for the baby!


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