Hand printing // Wood Grain Tessellation Pillow

I made this pillow the other night for a friend, and I kinda love it.

mad mim_handprinting_woodgrain pillow04

Wood Grain, PS, is SUPER fun (and speedy!) to carve. I used an eco carve printing to plate, which is a dream to carve, and has a nice larger size which I wanted for this long and skinny (1/2″ by like 5″) stamp.  I made a simple envelope pillow form and then basted around the edges with some pretty coral yarn. The fabric is thrifted, and the paint is black screen printing ink.
mad mim_handprinting_woodgrain pillow02

As much as I hand print, I don’t think I’ll ever get over the lovely variation in saturation that it creates.

mad mim_handprinting_woodgrain pillow01

For tips on hand printing, start here.  The pillow pictured behind is one of a pair that I made about a year ago but never blogged about.
mad mim_handprinting_woodgrain pillow03Have you guys turned into Christmas-heads yet? I’m about there, just finishing up a few projects before I head into moving-mode. I had big plans to make presents for all my large family, but alas, I may have to rethink that idea as we’ll just be trying to settle into our new house next month. Tears. Are you geared up for a homemade Christmas? Do you have a rule of thumb when it comes to gifting homemade?  It’s a delicate balance because making stuff–for me–is the best part of Christmas because of how FUN it is to think about and love the person you’re making for. BUT! Sometimes diy-ing it can become this huge burden and overwhelming to-do list that ends up robbing you of all your time and thoughts. How do you balance it?



All year long I said I was going to make gifts, and now that I’m less than a month away from having a baby, I know I was delusional. 😉 I did make plenty of gifts last year, and it was fun, but it was somewhat stressful, too, as I had to have them finished early to ship because we traveled for Christmas!


I love the way you chose to print this pillow! It created a really beautiful, yet simple textile, and the orange thread around the edges really makes it a statement piece.

Sara C

I’ve been experimenting with screen printing and block printing as well. I love the wood grain idea, and the random yet organized placement is very nice!
I just started thinking about handmade Christmas gifts and I feel like I’m already behind! I tend to save my handmade gifts for people that appreciate the time and effort that goes into it, usually just close family. I could easily spend all of my time making gifts, but like you said…it’s no fun when it becomes a burden and consumes your time.
I’ll probably stick to a just a few handmade gifts I enjoy making for people that enjoy getting them!


So true, there is absolutely nothing worse than giving a homemade gift that’s not appreciated! There’s wisdom in being very choosy on who you spend your time on!


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