Hand Printed Velvet Coloring Tees

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_11A couple months ago I started a private Pinterest board for Twinkie, and I’ve had such a good time getting a peek her head–her idea of beautiful and favorite things. Like for example, I never would have predicted that she would immediately pin dozens of pictures of stained glass windows. Stained glass windows! Who knew she had a thing for them?? There have been lots of surprises in there, I plan on making the board my jumping off point when I finally get around to decorating her bedroom. So fun, can’t wait.

But as I was brainstorming her and Tito’s back-to-school wardrobes I wanted to create a sort of stained glass window inspired tee for them that they could help color, because they’re so into coloring the both of them and love to take part in the creative process. As I sketched ideas, the project also started to really remind of those velvet coloring posters, which is awesome because my kids dig those too. I also liked the idea of using a sort of dimensional paint so that the coloring lines actually had a raised tactile surface so as to act as a sort of bumper for their coloring.

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_08

I started out by carving three different stamps that each had lots of negative space for coloring. These type of designs take longer to carve for sure, but I found that using sharp tools really helped, and I also used my utility knife a lot. I actually just bought Flexcut’s slipstrope to sharpen my trusty Speedball cutter set, and am really pleased with the results–it brought them back to their former glory.  I also used my favorite Eco Karve blocks to carve, they are so thick and smooth to cut. Because of their thickness, they worked particularly well with double sided stamps like the horse  (I don’t have a picture of the opposite side but it’s the same just reversed (more on that later!). My balloon was pretty detailed, but the gem was a cinch and probably a great place to start with this technique. If your ambitious, google velvet coloring posters and get some ideas (a really detailed one would be epic, but I just had to lie down for a rest contemplating it).

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_02

I decided to try Setacolor’s suede effect paint, which when heat set changes  into a velvety semi-raised, very tactile surface which was perfect for this project. Use a foam brush or sponge to dab on paint pretty heavily on your stamp (I found this worked better with this particular paint than my usual fuzzy roller), and then with firm, even pressure carefully print your design. It took two or three tests prints to build up the paint on my stamp enough to get really solid and saturated results. I printed on white cotton jersey knit pre cut  into the tee Front using a simple raglan pattern from Ottobre.  (There are tons of raglan patterns out there, Oliver + S, Pattern Anthology..)

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_1

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_01 Allow to dry completely, and then on the wrong side, heat set this on your iron’s cotton setting for about five minutes. This is when the paint raises and creates a super soft, textured surface that really is suede like, it’s pretty cool.

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_05

Then color! This was so fun, I forget how satisfying coloring can be. Twinkie rocked her coloring, the dimensional paint was really good for helping her stay in the lines. We used Fabrico Duel-tipped fabric markers and loved them! Lovely color and I loved the end with a long flexible tip, it was easy to fully saturate the coloring space.

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_06

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_04
 I totally did the horse and and gem tee myself, I couldn’t help it.

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_07

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_14
mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_16

mad mim_handprinting and fabric markers_12Ah, good times. My kids are adorable, PS, and so are these tees. These stamps have also been killer on paper for cards and such and the kiddos love coloring them in using different colors. And I actually really love the look of the designs printed with the black paint just as-is without being colored in, it’s really striking. I think I’m going to print a baby blanket using that horse stamp with that technique, no coloring in. Gonna be good, maybe I’ll try and instagram it.

Has school started for ya’ll? We just began a couple days ago, and peeps, I made like SIXTEEN tees in two days for my kids. I’m getting faster than the wind, I  can sew up a tee (not including cutting out) i like 10-15 minutes. That sounded a little braggy, because it is, I mean I’m like the Usain Bolt of sewing tees. Hope you guys made it through the first week of school okay! My kids were happy and excited to go, and I was surprisingly fine with the change–I’m excited for this Fall.  I’ll probably be an emotional mess when my little Tiny starts her special-needs preschool in a few weeks, but I’ll hoist myself up and over that hurtle when we get there!

This is not a sponsored post, although Dharma Trading did supply me with most the supplies for the project. All the opinion expressed is honest and my own!



LOVE that you started a Pinterest board for your girlie to use, what a great way to see what makes her tick. Also, I’m super inspired to try sewing up some tees again. I got discouraged when my kiddos kept blowing out the armpits.


Oh geez, my kids are SO hard on their clothes, I mean, I have to really not get attached to anything that I make them, because guaranteed it’s going to be destroyed in no time. BUT, I still love sewing for them, and really truthfully, it’s necessary for our budget right now!


dude, these are AWESOME. wow those horses! so fantastic. great idea there. wow you’ll have all kids out of the house during the day! that’s crazy. we don’t start until after labor day but Em is excited. she lost a few teeth and learned some major skills this summer (bike riding being the big one). she told me today she wants to ride her bike to school every day. 😉


It is REALLY crazy that I’ll be alone for a few hourse a couple times a week, I’m kinda excited and kinda dreading it too. My kids are SO LATE on the tooth loss front, my 7 year old hasn’t had anything budge up in there, and girlfriend is getting desperate. I just know she’ll lose like 6 in 2 days pretty soon here. Bless you for commenting, Kristin! It made my day!


Love these!!!!! I’ve ben contemplating carving out stamps for a while now….love how you included details about your carving tools and such (which is what had me wondering the most!) love the designs 🙂


What a fun thing to do with your kids! I’m in awe at your talents (not to mention your speed) Have you considered teaching classes more in the Provo/Springville/Spanish Fork area? Harmony would be a great venue and I would love the opportunity to take some classes from you, but SLC is a bit to far for me right now.


That’s so funny you say that, I have just been thinking about that! I went in there at the beginning of the Summer and talked to the sales girl about it, and she said for me to come again when the manager is there, which I haven’t done yet. BUT. For the last week I’ve been thinking I need to get in there and see if they’re interested, so we’ll see! I’ll let you know if anything happens!


Love those stamps, Love those Tees, and LOVE those adorable kidlets! You should totally rent a table at any public venue and sell Tees (store bought), and let kids do just what your kids did. I KNOW you’d be a hit.

Gwen Gyldenege

Oh boy another stamp carver! Yay! I haven’t put my stamps to use on fabric yet, but I’ve some plans… I love how big you carved these and how you’ve colored them in. What a fun project with kids. The horses leaping are quite fun.

Cynthia Fedak

Those tees are so cool! You did a perfect job! I love crafts, sewing and quilting….I have lots of granddaughters, two are still on the younger side, so that would be perfect for them. Love your ideas! You did such a neat job, no smudges, etc. I wouldn’t be as good as you are carving out the stampers, I know. Thanks for the photos!


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