Hand-printed Swaddling Blanket

You may have seen this sweet blanket on Pinterest this past week. I did, and it seemed like the perfect gift for a couple of baby showers I have coming up. How did so many generations of women live without these light gauzy swaddling blankets?? They’re new enough that I never had one for my kids, but I’ve seen them in action a few times and they look so absolutely perfect for getting a good, snug  swaddle, without overheating your baby.   I’m a HUGE fan of swaddling (wouldn’t know how to be a mother without my swaddlers), so my baby gifts are almost always something to keep those babies snug as a bug in a rug. I also  love hand-printing, and this was such a quick and fun project.  Instead of a potato I used another dollarstore erasure, because they’re as cheap as a potato, but don’t rot. Bonus.

Tonight I got lost in Miggy’s blog, and am now buzzed on grateful emotions.  She is the mama of a sweet special needs daughter, and reading through some of her posts (she does interviews with women that have children with special needs)  really has me feeling blessed and grateful for my own sweet little baby sleeping in the other room, which is perfect because her birthday is coming up.  I’ve said it before, but really truly, I am so lucky to be her mom, and to have her happy little spirit in my life. She’s the absolute best, and I’m the absolute luckiest.

I tried to swaddle her, but she wasn’t having it, and squirmed right out of it with an amused gleam in her eye. She was like Really, Mom? You’re going to try this? Seriously?

swaddling blanket:

1 1/4 yard tan guaze (makes a perfect square with 44″ fabric) printed with hand-carved erasure stamp and neon fabric paint.

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Very cute swaddle blanket! I like your color choice as well. Very bright. It will be interesting to know if the color stays after multiple washes.


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