Reverse Applique Tee

Boring title. Fun shirt. The story on this shirt was that I’ve made approximately a ton of tee shirts, but never documented the process. So this one came out of necessity, but not because I needed a shirt. Because I needed a tutorial. I didn’t have enough of anything at home, so I had to run to Hancock’s again and I picked this slinky stuff because of it’s fun color. Allan told me just hours before that he likes girls in green shirts. I wondered what girls, but he said only me. He USED to like other girls in green, but now he only likes ME in green. Good save.

PS See Reverse Applique tutorial below!

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So, FYI. This is my technique. As in, the way I figured it out. Just so you know…

1. Lightly sketch your design on some light-weight fusible interfacing. *Note–your design must be a completed shape–no open ends.¬†Cut around it, iron it on the fabric you want to peek through, and then cut around that.

2. Position and pin that beauty on, (with your shirt in-side-out), and your interfacing facing up. Make any alterations you want to your design.

3. Sew exactly over your sketched-design.

4. Starting with a tiny little snip (maybe even use a seam ripper),cut out your design just inside your stitching. MAKE SURE TO ONLY CUT THE OUTER LAYER OF FABRIC (the shirt). YOU WANT THE BACK FABRIC TO BE UNSCATHED SO IT CAN PEEK THROUGH.

5. Trim around your design on the inside of your shirt.



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