Gold Leaf Christmas Cards and Sewing Lessons

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So, yeah. All those things I wanted to get done last time I posted? Man, I was chillin’ in Fantasyland, none of them happened. I’ve been so busy trying to unpack and settle in that as of right now, I’ve made exactly one handmade gift, and I made it at my in-laws house. Point is, life can be a real shiz-fan sometimes, and although it’s been a really great shiz-fan, there was no room in the inn for crafting. I’m mostly unpacked, just working on my craft room bit by bit, but it’s taking a while cause we’re pimping out my craft closet which is pretty exciting. No pictures up yet, but we LOVE our house, love the neighborhood, and love being here in Springville! It’s gonna take me probably a year to get this place where I want it with furniture and styling and whatnot, but I don’t mind waiting, and I’m excited to get to work on all my projects.  Nothing like a boatload of post-holiday projects on the horizon to pull you through the post-holiday blues, I always say. I really tend to struggle when the holidays are over, so having a lot on my plate is always good for me.

mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_09

These foil Christmas cards just sort of happened as I was digging through boxes trying to come up with something for some handwritten notes I wanted to write.  I carved this tribal Christmas tree last year for gift tags, and boy has it served me right. I dug it out from my ever-growing stamp collection and  just squirted out some Jones Foil glue onto my trusty oatmeal lid, and gave my stamp a good coat with my roller, and stamped it onto card stock card blanks.  After letting it dry I pressed my Jones foil paper (shiny side UP!), and then lifted off the foil to reveal a gorgeous metallic leafed design.

mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_01 mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_05 mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_06 mad mim_gold leaf tribal Christmas card_04


So easy, and so so pretty. I always get frustrated trying photograph foil projects, because they never photograph as brilliant as they look in real life. After some simple lettering, they were ready to pop in the mail.

This little project was about all I could manage this year, and I’m abandoning almost all my homemade gifts by the wayside at this point–just focusing on getting my home ready to house family.  I’m SO looking forward to spending time with my fave peeps and eating some good old fashioned beef-up-my-booty foods. Nothing like throwing caution into the wind for the Holidays, right!?

One last thing I wanted to say! I’m fixing to teach sewing lessons again! I taught for 3-4 years back when my kids were little, and I’m excited to do it again this year. Instead of just on-going lessons though, I’m planning on doing 2-3 six week sessions through out the year. Class size  will be small (3-5 per class), and I want to teach 2-3 classes per session. I haven’t nailed down how I want to group my classes, but I’ll be able to do that a little more easily when I see who is interested. I would LOVE to teach a very beginning class for really young girls (6-9) that would cover hand sewing and machine basics. I would also like a beginning and intermediate teen-adult class. I’ll group classes according to age and skill level, and we will have set projects that we’ll work on together– I’m working on specific outlines right now (well, you know…in my head).  Price will be $150  per person per session.  If you’re interested or know someone who is, please email me at! Let me know skill level, desired skills, and ideal time.  I will hopefully be ready late January or February.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays folks! I’ve got nothing but love for you all, and hope you have a really nice time with the people you love. Love and guts and Christmas candy!



The gold foil cards are gorgeous! I’m going to have to see if I can track down some of that foil paper and make similar cards next winter! Thanks for the inspiration!


This is way cool! I’m definitely going to be trying this. What is the white pen that you lettered on the black card?


Sorry this is SO late, somehow I missed this question! It’s a calligraphy pen and white ink (Dr. Martin’s white, I think?)


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