Goal Nut.

I like New Year’s, cause I’m a goal enthusiast. Can’t you tell by this picture? I look like I’m ready to snuggle with my goals.

mad mim_mugshot

Come here, You!

Here are my 2012 goals before we get too deeply entrenched in January and her icy tendrils…


-Potty train my two year old (working on that now p.s. i hate poop. p. p.s. PT is the WORSE part of parenthood).

-Teach my four year old to read.

-Get my Montessori on with my kids (or  “Montesoduim” for all you Homestar fans)

-Get  my (Montessori ) works in organized, functioning order.

-Reduce the crap in my house. Reuse any reuseable and useful crap. Recycle any of the crap into more useful crap (my clothes specifically).


-Fill a need as I see a need in those around me. Never suppress a generous thought.

Read and study the Old Testament. (I’ve never actually finished it).  (Yeah sorry Jeff, not happening this year).

-Teach my kids the stories of Jesus. Study the Gospels with them.


-Get back to my prepregnancy weight, but embrace every stage before then.

-Stay active. Exercise but keep it enjoyable.

-TRY to incorporate  more fruits and vegetables in our family diet. (I’m guilty of making salads and sometimes veggy sides just for me, because I know I’m the only one who will eat it).

-Work on cooking meals not just main dishes. Add more healthy sides.


-Read. Engage my mind every once in a while!

-Write in an actual journal, and not just online. I want my kids to have something to hold in their hands, to see my handwriting. To see how it turns into chicken scratch when I’m falling asleep.

-Develop my artistic skills, specifically painting and drawing.

Last year I wrote two goals for my blog: keep it minimal and make money? Hah! What a joke!  I’ve learned since then that those two statements don’t even like being in the same sentence together. This past year I did get to the point with my blog stats that I thought I was legit enough (or at least on my way) to begin thinking about the whole advertising/sponsoring thing, but ultimately decided that I’m not going to take my blog in that direction for the following very personal reasons: I hate deadlines. I hate pressure. I hate feeling obligated to pump out a quality post by a certain time or so often. I feel like once you have a sponsor you have a certain standard and schedule you need to keep up with (maybe that’s just me, my husband thinks so), and then there’s always promotions etc. Call me a commitment-phobe, but if I’ve learned one thing it’s that making money on your blog takes a lot of work and time (and networking!), and I can’t commit to that right now (maybe ever?)  I can’t even commit to blogging regularly, as evident these past couple of months.  I started this blog as a creative outlet and stress releaser, and I hope that it continues to be so.

So my goals for this blog are:

-Blog when I feel like it. Blog when I have something to say. Blog because I enjoy it.

-Learn how to digitize patterns, and post a few of them here (my t shirt patterns?)

-Write more creative anecdotal posts.

-Record some songs and post them here (maybe an original?) Didn’t see that one coming, did you!?

-redesign my theme, make it true to my style, aesthetic, and purpose.

Yeah, yeah, I know I have too many goals, but whatev.  I don’t feel bad about uncompleted goals, but I do feel bad when I don’t make any. When I read over last year’s goals the other night, I was happy to see that although there weren’t too many that I could say  Did it! to, there were plenty of things that I gave my best shot at, and plenty of things that were shadowed when more important things entered my life, if you know what I mean. I’m cool with that.

2012 has already been good to me, and I’m excited for all the many changes it will bring. Except my birthday.



Oh my gosh. Potty training my 2 1/2 year isn’t going very well so far. I’m really struggling. Ps: I LOVE making goals too. Love. Good luck!


You are such a lovely person. I don’t always comment, but I drop by frequently. I love this list! And I am SO happy for your little Harper and the progress she has made. She’s a darling.

Miranda @ One Little Minute

We’re in the trenches of potty training with Milo. Hmm, seems like we sort of have been for like, a year. He’s picking it up this time for real, though I do stick him in the bath to clean an accident at least once a day. Ditto to the worst part of parenting.

And I love that you sing (sing?) Me, too.

And ditto with the blog money making thing. Though I do think I want to trade buttons/advertise for my friends’ etc. (wanna?)



You sing? Cool! And yeah, let’s definitely trade buttons! I’m just trying to do a redesign, and so I’ll wait until I come up with a cool button.


Hello Mim,

What a very pretty pic of you. Love the goals. I think that 2012 could be called for you “Enjoy life, live life, and keep it in priority.” There really very similar to mine…well I only just begun writing them. But one of Hazel’s goals (FHE Riley helped kids right goals, we used the Donna Young free stuff from my blog side panel) “Dance, spin, leap, balance.” And she wants to run obey me before I say it twice. So lofty. I love it. Milly wants to cook one lunch and one dinner to help me more, per month…
And I think your blog header is in your style is it not??? I’d love to see more about the outfit you are wearing is that a pretty polka dotted shirt, or dress, and what is that yellow banana bandana, how’d you tie it, and great hair btw. Just one goal is lacking. Come visit Emily’s blog more. JUST kidding. As if I hardly ever post. My great blogs are all in my head, if you could only read them.


I love that she made goals to dance, spin, leap and balance. That’s really basically my goals in a nutshell too. Yeah, I think my blog is my style, I just want a little different look. And besides it’s a fun project to do with Allan. The shirt is my old black polka dot shirt I’ve had for ages that I recently bleached so that it would be more me. It turned a nice brown which I love. The yellow handkerchief I got from DI, and I just tied it around my neck, nothing special. As for visiting your blog more, I’m sorry that I miss updates. I do read your blog, and love it, but I do have a hard time keeping up with blogs, you’re right. The problem is that I subscribe to so many blogs, that the people who don’t post as much get buried beneath those who do, and when I don’t check my reader for two weeks, I don’t catch your updates. I’ll try and have Allan help me subscribe via email, that way I’ll always get updates right when you post.


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