Geometric Jewel Tee

I’m really taking my goal about only blogging when I really feel like it very seriously. Nah, really I’ve just been busy. I feel like my life is just a big snowball rolling down a hill, picking up speed, grass, and then eventually a body or two like it does on Willow. Love that Madmartigan. Anyway, I just can’t seem to keep up with anything, or get anything done, and I’m not sure what the problem is.  Maybe it’s just having three kids under 4? I’m not sure I can just peg it on one thing, but whatever it is, it translates into me running around in circles all day in a relentless feed/clean cycle that despite my best efforts, only produces a moderately messy house. All that work, and I can’t even break into the clean status!  Kind of a bummer, but at least the kids are being fed.

Any sewing that I’ve fit in has been super (shamefully) late-night, and I’m indulging more than I probably should. I know darn well I should take advantage of my productive night hours to actually get important stuff done (like going through my craft stuff!), but instead, I made this shirt.  I actually had made it months and months ago, but at the time it wasn’t working out like I’d planned, so I just tossed it in the To-Alter pile, and forgot about it. When I stumbled upon it the other night (just before going through my craft stuff), I immediately scrapped my old vision and started over.  This time I was inspired by this blouse I found on Pinterest, and came up with this idea (a loose translation, I know).  I used mylar to make some quick stencils and then used my aerosol hairspray as a spray adhesive while stenciling with some fabric dye paints by Delta that apparently they don’t sell anymore (I inherited them from my aunt).  It took way longer than going through my crafts would have, but was a cuss of a lot funner.

mad mim sewing_stencil geometric jewel t shirt

mad mim sewing_stencil geometric jewel t shirt

mad mim sewing_stencil geometric jewel t shirt mad mim sewing_stencil geometric jewel t shirt


Yam B Fan

Love it! Love the colors and they look fabulous on you. I like what you did even better than the Pinterest blouse, but I can see the inspiration in it. Proves my theory that we get our best work done while putting off doing something else.


I think that’s true times ten. Mom, thanks for all your comments, you have the BEST comments, and they always make me so happy. XO!

Emily Balling


Nice fitting T! I really like how you sorta simplified the pinterest idea and created the same effect. I do think its your style and it looks great with those boots. I love the skirt on the pinterest, the orange one that went with the shirt you were inspired from, love it. Do you like it? I have been so super inspired by the skirts here.

She just made one with leaves falling they are sort of textured and it made me think of you. I was reading her blog and she had this goal to make this certain amount of skirts llast year and she makes them for her, her friends, family and everyone. She is my 19 year old cyber twin, she is a doll 🙂 I’m partial.

Mim, I believe it IS called having three kids 4 and under. Life changes for a while but the good news you actually start getting fulfilled by simpler more necessity projects. Like cleaning or cooking something, (maybe cause those are so hard to get done too) and you don’t feel so high and dry like you’ve accomplished nothing fulfilling, like I used to feel unless I’d sewed.


Em that girl IS your cyber 19 year old twin times TEN! She’s so cute and fresh and modest.
I LOVE the orange skirt that goes with the shirt. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Want it.
I think you’re right about needing to be happy with just getting the basics done, I suppose I’m still in transition, missing the time when I had all the time in the world to really get stuff done, and sort of re-evaluating my current situation, and changing the way I feel about things. Thanks for the lift, sis.


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