Game Day Tee

I’m married to a very sensitive and emotional man.

He doesn’t cry during movies or anything, nor have I ever seen him shed a tear during church. He was very composed when our children were born, and I’m told that he was dry as a bone when he said goodbye to his family at the age of 19 for a two year mission in Taiwan.

But he’s a regular water-works when watching and rewatching (and rewatching) those artful productions (pump-you-up music + notable plays) known as BYU highlight youtube videos.  He’s a year-round watcher, but there’s a definite spike in late July and August as football season approaches.  The failure  to observe BYU’s game schedule/stats/seasonal anecdotes would be as easy as failing to observe that I’m a girl. That’s what kind of true-blue fan I’m married to.

This is no new concept of course. I’m the daughter of a die-hard fan, and my Grandad actually was the head coach of BYU in the 60’s.  I myself really enjoy watching. You know, once the house is clean, I’ve gone shopping, and fed the family.

But anyhow, on the eve of the season’s opener, I decided I needed a new game shirt. I guess I’ve given in (a bit) to the hype, because I like to wear blue on game days. Nothing in your face like the thread-bare BYU tee my husband wears EVERY game-day, but something that would subtly indicate that my blood is blue.  My true-blue shirt that I thrifted ages and ages ago is getting a little yellow in the pits, and let’s be honest, is a bit too tight still. So I drafted myself a nice, one-piece pattern, and put some $1.50/yard navy and white striped knit I’ve been hording to use. And then I added a bow, because nothing says cougar spirit like a girly embellishment.

mad  mim sewing_game day tee_1

Here’s my cradling the (air) football. I love how the shoulder seam creates a chevron stripe.mad mim sewing_game day tee_2

mad mim sewing_game day tee_4I’m teaching myself how to digitize the patterns I make, and I’m thinking about digitizing a few of my t-shirt patterns (like this one) and then slapping them  on here as free downloads. What do you think about that? Would that be something you’d find useful? It would give me experience and feedback, but it does take time. Thoughts?

PS, true to my previous words, Allan is wallowing in the glory of our win as we speak. I think he thought it was a Christmas miracle when I asked for the link just now.


Sarah S

I would love love love digitized patterns! I am just starting out trying to sew my own clothes and I love your blog. Some sort of pattern to get started would be awesome!


I was going to compliment you on your top the other day. It looks awesome! BTW – You look hot for just having had a new baby!


wowsers! So cute–I’m IMPRESSED at the matching chevron stripes for sure– and the bow is too cute for words! You can’t say I’m not a fan exactly, but if only games went as quickly as that video–maybe I could watch them!

coiled air lines

Women usually makes mistake to understand a man but when they understand, it is too late. You husband may be showing that he is a die hard but he also loves you very very much. 🙂


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