From Mom to Me: a special refashion

If there’s one dress of my mother’s that stands out in my mind during my childhood, it’s this one. I remember that when she wore it on the occasional Sunday I thought two things: Wow. She looks beautiful. And I was proud she was my mom. The second thought was: I’ll bet my dad thinks she’s really beautiful. He’s going to want to kiss her or something.

I asked her about it a couple years ago, but they were going through a move, and it was nowhere to be found.  I had given up hope for it, and so was especially excited when she surprised me with it as my favorite birthday present this year.

It’s not a true refashion because I didn’t refashion anything. The dress is amazing as is, and all that waist detail stands as a beacon of 1990’s fashion and must be left alone. I simply made a few alterations in the length, and sleeves. My mom was a little more blessed in the chest area than I am currently, and so I had to take that area in as well. But that’s it. The integrity of this amazing dress can stand on it’s own two D-rings.

I’ve worn it twice now, and I felt lovely both times. I don’t think I can compare to my mom, but I guess I felt like my mom, so I felt like what I remember she looked like.

I wish wish wish I had a photo of my mom in the dress, and I will add one if anyone can find one (I KNOW there’s one of her somewhere), but until then a lesser cool before & after shot will have to suffice.

Add an Imagemad mim MOM's DRESS clothing refashionBefore (sorry the lighting is so awful)

mad mim clothing refashion: mom's dress

mad mim clothing refashion: mom's dress

mad mim clothing refashion: mom's dress

Thanks Mom!!


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By the way! I was thinking about Beacon the other day. Then I just looked him up on FB. Still shining bright. And still single. Interesting.

Anyway, that dress is a charmer. What a fun memory to have tied to it!

the mither

WooHoooooooo! Don’t you look fine! Just one thing– that’s vintage 1980s, babe. I found that dress in a thrift shop in Tulsa, OK, and I’ve never seen anything quite like it. But it was a fun time and a fun dress. I think your changes are great and you look fabulous! And I don’t think I was so “blessed” in the chest while I fit that dress myself. It probably needed adjusting then, but I would have never dared to do something like that.
Have fun in it! (p.s. Eljota says she wants it when you’re done) . . . to be continued . . .


I just stumbled upon your blog today and have to say THANK YOU. Every single post I’ve read so far is wonderful and so helpful! I’m like you in that I learned how to sew in 4H but I honestly have no recollection of how to follow a pattern so I always end up cutting something that resembles a pattern out of newspaper and piecing my projects together. You have given me lots of wonderful, pattern-less, ideas for Christmas so THANK YOU VERY MUCH!


You’re welcome, Annalece! It makes my day every time someone new finds my blog and leaves a comment, so thanks!
I have a flickr group, so if you do end up making anything from the site, upload photos! I would LOVE to see!


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