Fringe Swimsuit Tutorial

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In between my LA trip and moving, my kids and I spent a week in Vegas with family.  The entire week can summed up efficiently in a few words: pool, popsicles, and TV.  While my kids gloried in the excess of chlorine and sugar, I enjoyed the excellent conversation of good company.  It was a great time, and no mistake.

The one blip of the whole trip was that I severely over packed. I actually brought a change of clothes for each of us daily (what was I thinking??), and it turns all we needed was swimwear and pjs. Twinkle had a few suits to rotate through, but this one that I made her for her birthday was the definite favorite.

The fluttery number was inspired by this suit, and I used my dependable Kwik Sew k3785 as the base. I had plans to change up the design a little more than I did, but in the end I went for the quicker alternative of simply adding a contrasting edge to the neckline (as well as the fringe of course). This fringe can be applied to any round neck swimsuit patterns.

Fringe Swimsuit + contrasting edge:

Begin by cutting some strips of swimsuit fabric, about 5 inches long, and 3/8’s of an inch thick.

mad mim_fringe swimsuit_01

Apply some wonder tape to the raw neck edge, and then pressed the strips of fabric firmly across the neckline.

mad mim_fringe swimsuit_03

Repeat for a doubly thick fringe.

mad mim_fringe swimsuit_04

Measure your neck opening and then cut a band of contrasting fabric that length and about 1 1/2″ wide; sew together at the short ends. Pin to neck opening, right sides together, and then stitch in place using a slight zig zag stitch.

mad mim_fringe swimsuit_02

Cut a length of 3/8″ swim elastic that is again the length of your neck opening, maybe just slightly smaller, and zig zag into the seam allowance. Fold contrasting band snuggly to inside (over the elastic), and pin in place. mad mim_fringe swimsuit_09

Sew closely to the edge of the elastic using a double needle, and then trim as closely as possible to your stitching.

mad mim_fringe swimsuit_08

That’s it, finish the suit according to the pattern instructions. I think it would be equally cute for an adult as it is in miniature, do you agree? Tempted to sew it up Mama style. Twinkle loves it, it floats like seaweed in the water, and flutters like feathers in the wind, which I’m told is a plus. 
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It’s easy to see why this would be the favorite of a little girl–big girls, too!


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