Tiered Circle Sleeve Tee

I saw this tee in Real Simple over the summer, and I liked the sleeves. They were pretty and not really me. I drafted the pattern using the techniques I learned here. I have the original 198-something version, but the cool thing about fashion, is that it all comes ’round again.

PS I knew that the fabric for this had to have a nice drape, and usually knits aren’t stand-out drapers. So when I found a white drapey fabric at Hancock’s, I thought “wow. that would be awesome for that yellow shirt I want to make. Huh. Too bad I wouldn’t like it in white.”  And then it so happens I was also buying another thicker white knit for a doll I was making my gal, and since they didn’t have flesh colored, I  picked up some dye to MAKE her fleshy. HELLO. So of COURSE the obvious answer was to dye my perfect drapey white fabric for the yellow shirt that I actually decided to make teal instead. Nice.

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