Floral Knot Blouse

I’ve decided that blouses like unto this one are really great for mom ‘drobes because they are comfy, liberal and modest (you’ve got to be able to squat, lift, reach and leap with ease), and still is sorta dressy, so you feel nice. But not too nice, like why am I dressed up to change this diaper nice. The happy medium that says I care about the way I look, but not I’m pretending like I have somewhere to go besides the park, a playdate, or the grocery store. Or TwinkleAnn’s. 

This blouse was my first attempt at draping. I got really excited about draping after my friend Miranda did her awesome series on draping a wedding dress where she made it seem like something I could actually do, rather than say, moonwalk.  I thought I should start out simple as it was my rookie attempt, and since this fabric was a gem from Walmart (it feels just like butter), it wasn’t a huge risk to just go for it.   It was a blast (I can and will say that referring to a sewing project), and there will definitely be more draping projects in my future.   I discovered my vintage dress form Mona isn’t really ideal for draping as she is too robust and non-penetrable by pins (well not quite–where there’s a will there’s a way), but while I’m just learning and messing around, she’s fine.  Anyway, the details of the blouse are pretty simple: it has a small shoulder yoke, medium V neck with a faux placket and knot detail, and boxy shoulder-pleated sleeves that fit loosely, like the whole shirt. I love it. Love the ribbon knot detail that I saw somewhere (Gap I think?) years ago and saved the picture onto my style inspiration folder without a source (back in those archaic days before Pinterest!)  Love the periwinkle color, and small floral design. Love that it cost $2 to make.

You know what else I love? Making ugly faces. My high school/college BFF and I used to spend hours (ok ok, long minutes) in front of the mirror making the most hideous faces we could manage and then would say “kiss me!” We were easily entertained in those days. But the last one in this trio is my “Buzz, you’re girlfriend! Woof” face, and isn’t it remarkable? I know, I’m a dead ringer. What can I say, when you’ve got a rubber face, you may as well work it. 



It’s perfect and I want one, too! Of course, I expect nothing less from you. How did you finish the neckline? Bias tape? Totally agree about the loose fitting blouse for a mama. I’m trying to add to my collection. One at a time.


i love this…tutorial? i need some new shirts! having a sewing marathon this weekend and i think will make some tunic-y type things with your maxi dress tute…….that blouse is just lovely!


u see this is why i love your blog…most people ONLY put up photos of them looking absolutely perfect… you purposefully put up pictures of you pulling rather extraordinary faces…you rock girl xx



I love this clever post, admitting that our pinnacle mother arrival is at best the library…sort of thing, and of course I am gleeful about this beautiful blouse. The mother flow, flatter without enticement, and forgiving of what might or might not be there in tummy, nice sleeve amount, bend proof v-neck with the lovely feminine detail, nothing too much, but plenty to feel pretty to do a dang tough job, motherhood, and definitely pretty enough to rock the socks right off the husby when he gets home from a long and tiring day of work. Magical color, its my very fav. color. There was this painting at Ricks college library that had flowers that color and every time I went down the stairs I would look at them and *sigh*…you look just as refreshing. What a steal on price and only problem is, the fact that you draped….how would I ever re-create?
Love it,

Yam B Fan

I love it! So pretty and feminine, and those wonderful little tucks–very cute! The sleeves are my favorite length! That’s definitely a winner. I guess I really don’t know what draping means, other than it turned out terrific!


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