(felt) Pizza, anyone?

I figured today, as I was picking up little olives and onions from behind the couch, that I should probably photograph (for my posterity’s sake) this felt pizza before it, and all it’s many pieces, go all the way of the earth aka vacuumed up or something. This was my most time-consuming Christmas gift this year–so many little pieces! So many little details! But it was also probably the funnest thing I made, just like the felt food from last Christmas.

So far it hasn’t had as much play time as I expected, but it sure is a hit with any other kids that come over! First thing off the shelf! But I’ve found that you just have to be patient with some gifts. Sometimes it’s just a matter of kids coming around to it. I made a princess dress for Twinkle’s birthday last year and she didn’t really wear it much until about 4 months ago when she started wearing it 6 out of the 7 days a week. I don’t even bother to try and keep that baby clean anymore. So maybe this will be one of those toys the kiddos will discover in a few months when they’re jonesin’ for some pizza.

I didn’t use a pattern, although there are dozens of really cute ones on etsy. I yoinked a few ideas from several different styles, and then made up a few little additions of my own. It did take kind of a long time to figure out the crust, and I’ve already almost forgotten how I did it. If anyone’s interested I think I made patterns of my final design, and I could trace them and throw them up here as a pdf  sometime.

What’s been your experience with unplayed Christmas gifts?

mad mim felt food_ pizza mad mim felt food_ pizza



SOO CUTE!! I can’t even imagine how long this took you! Josie, Merritt and Eunice (your unborn baby) have no idea how good they have it!

Amy Morby

This was my absolute favorite present that the Mitchell kids received this Christmas! I swooned over all the little details when Luke showed it to me. SO cute. I want one!


Love the pizza. My kids have been begging me for pizza. Just all those tiny pieces make me hesitate. Would love to hear how you ended up doing the crust!


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