Felt Food

This morning the oldest Tribelet was playing with her felt food, and I decided it was post-worthy. Funnest Christmas present I’ve ever made, hands down. I decided the child needed play-food when she was using Legos as cookies, cakes etc. (she still does, but whatever). I shopped for ideas on etsy, grabbed my felt scraps, and started cookin’. It’s been one of ┬áher most-played-with toys, which of course gives me enormous satisfaction. Delish!

felt food

felt food - sandwhich

felt food - banana

felt food - banana

felt food - hot dog

felt food - egg and bacon

felt food - sugar cookies

felt food - birthday cake

felt food - birthday cake candle

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i love felt food, and have found tons of real cool ones on etsy, to bad i dont have kids yet to make them for, im putting this under my “make for kids” file, where it will sit for the next few years.
great xmas idea!


LOVE it! Felt food is one of my soon-to-do projects. I will definitely make some sometime and like looking at your stuff! Love you!


I love this idea, so great. So I have an idea for you that I saw in a magazine and thought, Mim should make this. It is a grocery bag, the reusable kind but a real cute one with a big flower on it. You know the flowers that are so in right now and that I see you put on clothing. Anyways, I fell in love with it and thought, I would love to have cute reusable grocery bags rather than the boring ones. Just an idea, maybe you already have one…


Oh my gosh, those are adorable! I am so horrible at sewing small things…I get so frustrated and keep sewing over the backs and ripping out stitches then do it all over again. Any tips?


I agree. Small stuff totally stinks. But these weren’t too bad, actually. I don’t have any special tips, except Go Slow?


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