Family Portrait by Lady Hue (and other treasures)

So, now that you’ve seen my tiny handwritten letter and my painted antlers, it’s time to show you their lovely little home on my smallish ledge shelf. Nuzzled in with some of my other favorite treasures, they really make my custom portrait by Caitlin aka Lady Hue, sparkle.  Caitlin’s blog Hue and Hum is one of my favorite reads, and so I was jazzed to meet her at the Bijou Market a month or so ago while she was there doing some custom portraits. She was just as delightful in person as she was on her blog, I’m happy to report. A few days after she did the market she posted that she was taking a few more portrait orders for a great price and a limited time, and I jumped at the chance, having already been a big fan of her art (I have one of her prints in my bedroom and love it!)  I sent her a couple shots of my family, and she sent back this lovely portrait. We love it! We’re a pretty handsome family, don’t you think?!

To mount the velum portrait, I cut a rectangle from a cardboard box, and peeled off the flat part to reveal the corrugated cardboard underneath. I sanded it a bit to get rid of any of the residual cardboard, and then lightly went over the corrugation with pinkish-neon orange craft paint. Then I mounted that sucker with a few scrapbook stickers and called it good. I think the stripe effect of the corrugated cardboard really jive with the stripes in the portrait, and the “framing” really suits the style of her art.

Along with my portrait, antler and tiny T, I have an itty bitty bird card I found among my vintage Christmas card stash, a stout (and buxom! ) salt and pepper shaker couple made from dried gourds that I got when I lived in Argentina, and a rose print by the wonderful Ashmae.

Of course I would never say so myself, but my friends do tell me that this is a smokin’ little shelf. (Two points if you can name my indirect quote). Now the only real issue is how to make sure it’s safe! Our landlord only allows the tiny little nails, and the damage from hanging strips can’t hold it. It’s a bit precarious, and my five year old (who enjoys headstands on the couch) has knocked it down twice already.  Painted antlers–although cool–are a tad lethal, bless their heart.


LeAnne B

Lovely family portrait. Need to get an updates one of those for our fam. 🙂 Ohhh…your indirect quote is from the loveable Mrs Elton from Emma.

LeAnne B

K. Right after I made this comment, I got an order in my Etsy shop from a Harriet Smith. I thought the timing was beyond great. (Even though it has taken me like three weeks to come back and tell you that.) 🙂


HAHA. I was going to say Mrs Elton from Emma too.
Mmmm…. Mr Knightly…..
Yeah and the portrait is fab… I really like how there are no faces… it’s simple and lovely.


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