Fabric Soccer Ball

What’s more appealing to play with than a brightly colored soft fabric soccer ball if you’re a small little man? I can’t think of a single thing, truthfully.

This For Kicks Patchwork Ball from Anna Maria Horner‘s Seams to Me looked a little intimidating or at least annoying to make at first, but once I started it was quick work. It was a fun way to use some of my scraps, and really the most annoying part was just cutting out all the shapes (as is the case with any quilt project). ¬†And my little guy loves it. He’s just at that stage where balls of any shape or size really rock his world.

File Aug 16, 3 40 56 PM

It makes a great chair, as the girl figured out…


beckie clark

This is so inspiring as I have that book, love the ball but have been too afraid/annoyed (like you said) to make it. Will be adding to the to-do list soon


I want one of these…and all the felt food. I can’t believe how fun your blog is. You’re amazing.


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