The Fabric Daisy

The Fabric Daisy. I’m really not personally the hugest fan of this fabric flower, but it’s trendy right now, and once I figured it out, I thought I might as well throw up a tutorial for it.

The Fabric Daisy step 6

Begin by cutting 5 squares from your fabric. Mine were about 2″ square.The Fabric Daisy step 1

Fold in half, and then knotting the end, baste along both edges. Don’t clip or not your thread.The Fabric Daisy step 2

Pull the thread to gather and cinch each petal up. Secure by whip stitching the end. With you’re last petal, don’t clip your thread. It will become your base petal.
The Fabric Daisy step 3

String each petal in a row,
The Fabric Daisy step 3

and then go back through the base petal to form the daisy flower. Go through a couple of times to make sure it’s all secure.The Fabric Daisy step 5

Add a button or bead in the center, knot it off, clip your threads, and you’re done. Now slap this on a clip for your gal or something. The Fabric Daisy step 6

Here’s one I made from tulle.
The Fabric Daisy made from tulle with beading



This flower is really cool! I “made” my first flower using tulle a few weeks back, and I was looking for another way to make one. Thanks for sharing!


These are unique and lovely and take a small amount of supplies. Thanks for sharing the idea with such clear instructions.


Absolutely adorable! I’ve been looking for ways to be creative with clothing that has gone out of style but I still like the print….or those darling outfits babes grow through too fast or get a spot on….now there is a way to reuse them! Thank you! I found a pretty one in a story today, for $9.99….time to learn to make them for myself!!!


Hey, I love these flowers~! But, I was wondering, for the tulle one, did you use beads for the center, and if you did how did you attach them? And do you think there is any way to make these without using a button in the center?



Hey Jasmine, thanks for stopping by! Those are beads on the tulle one, and they’re just hand sewn on. If you are making the flowers from tulle, then there isn’t any need to put anything in the center, but with other fabrics the raw ends will show. I know there are lots of different ways to make a flower similar to this one out there, maybe some of them would not have this issue. Good luck!


Hi Miriam,
Is there any possibility of ordering your ebook overseas? I live in Germany and would really like to purchase it. Thanks in advance!
Best regards, Jolanta.


Yeah, that shouldn’t be a problem at all. I’ll have my husband email you with the details. He handles all the technical stuff.


It was a slow night at the restaurant I work at, so, I cut up some leftover XXL Patron tequila shirts and made these flowers! I put them on hair elastics for the girls I work with. You might not be a huge fan of these flowers, but my coworkers are! Thanks for sharing!


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