The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower

The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower

The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower final

Cut out oval-shaped petals in descending size. Cut 2 of the larger ones. I have 11 total here.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower step1

Burn the edges of each of your petals.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower step 2

Nest the petals on top of each starting with the first 2 largest petals. Arrange them in an X, and then take the second 2 largest, and arrange them on top in another X, that balances the first set of petals. Repeat this until you’ve arranged all the petals. *Note I ended up using only 9 of my 11 petals.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower step 3

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With matching thread, knot on the bottom and make several whip stitches through the center to secure all the petals.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower step

You’re done. So pretty and delicate!The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower final

I bought this fabric flower pin in Argentina, and it was made by this same method.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower pink

And that’s where I got the idea for this satin fabric flower on my wedding dress that was made the same way.The Burnt Edges Criss-Cross Flower for my wedding dress


the mither

Possibly my favorite, for sentimental reasons. You’ve redefined Flower Child! These are just amazing.


Beautiful! What fabric do you find works best for this technique…silk, organza, chiffon, or ???

Thanks so much! Barbara


Any lightweight fabric will work, chiffon is wonderful, organza would probably be beautiful, but the KEY is that it must have at least some synthetic fibers in it. The plastic in the fibers is what makes the fabrics shrink and pull together when heat is applied. If it’s 100% natural fibers, then it will only burn.

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How did you burn the edges? I’m thinking of lighting a candle and just brushing the edges up against the flame.


A candle would work, but it’s a lot easier to use one of those cheapo hand held fire-starters. Not a cigarette lighter, but a fire starter. It gives you more control and is easier to work quickly.


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