Gathered Raw Edge Flower

So today it’s all about the Gathered Raw Edge Flower.

Gathered Raw Edge Flower final

Again, start with a long strip of fabric. This one was about 22 inches by 1 inch. I also put in a strip of tulle for added texture and interest. (Wow. I just realized that it looks like I have glue or water spilled on my book. Nope. It’s my highschool yearbook, and that’s a raised image of North America. And you thought it was gross looking!)

fabric flower tutorial

Now fold that bad boy in half, and baste along the FOLDED edge.fabric flower tutorial

See how it’s basted along the folded edge?fabric flower tutorial

Now pull your basting threads, and gather it all up!fabric flower tutorial

Start to roll it, and then secure by stitching through all thicknesses on the bottom. You roll and stitch, roll and stitch, until you’ve got the gathered raw edge flower of your dreams.

fabric flower tutorial

See all those stitches in the bottom? Nice and secure. Good thing this isn’t the front.fabric flower tutorial

This is! Done. I actually trimmed down the vertical height of this after I took the picture. FYI, so you know that’s an option.

Gathered Raw Edge Flower final

These two were made from the same method, this first one is from Chiffon, which I thought looked like a carnation. Hmmm.Gathered Raw Edge Fabric Flower
Gathered Raw Edge Flower from Chiffon

Gathered Raw Edge Flower whitey


Ana Ruth

Hello, I am here only to say you: Your work is really beautiful!! Congratulations!!!

Kathleen Stept

Gorgeous. How is the edge of the second blue flower treated? Serger? Thank you for your great blog!


You know I didn’t do anything at first, but didn’t like how much it frayed so I just burnt it a little, and that’s how it turned out!


Love the ideas i just wonder what fabric you use i have lots of lining type is it suitable?


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