Fabric Flower Ebook Preview

mad mim fabric flower ebook preview

Doesn’t it kind of bug you when people say, “sorry I haven’t had a lot of time to blog lately, because I’ve been working on this really awesome and all-consuming  project, that I can’t tell you about.”

I do.

First of all, that just bugs to be left hanging like that. Second of all, come on! Just tell me.

But don’t feel bad if you’ve ever pulled that one, because although annoyed, I understand. Some projects ARE awesome and completely time-consuming, and maybe you just can’t tell until you tell. Maybe for dramatic effect you don’t want to spoil the surprise. Or maybe you’re under some legal contract that prohibits premature blogging.

Well, I’m happy to say that I’m under no such restrictions, and I can tell you all about the big, all-consuming project that has robbed me of my free-time, and prevented me from blogging more.

I’m writing an ebook!

Most of the traffic I get around here is for my fabric flower tutorials. Although I am slowly gaining a readership (LOVE YOU ALL!), most or at least many of you found me when you Googled “fabric flower tutorials“. So I decided since so many of you are coming for fabric flower tutorials, I may as well GIVE you a real humdinger. I have worked SO hard to come up with tons of fresh, beautiful, and doable projects, as well as  additional flower tutorials, and lots of how-to videos demonstrating some of my most popular flowers and techniques. I’m THRILLED to be working with the very talented graphic designer Amy Morby, so that the book itself looks as pretty as the projects. I’m REALLY excited about it, and so now you know, and you can be too! If you want. We should be done, hopefully, pretty soon—definitely within the month! And then it will be available for a happy purchase!!! (download–it will be in pdf format).

How’s that for a little preview? I’ve never been much of a tease…


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