Election Day Big Bow Dresses

These dresses just kill me. Aren’t they astronomically adorable? A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to test out my good friend Miranda‘s fabulous new pattern, the Big Bow Dress (available for purchase here).  I decided to finally cut into some beautiful slubbed navy polka dot cotton that I thrifted probably three years ago. Match made in heaven. The design is so fantastic, and the pattern and instructions are clear. The thing that most impressed me, was what a nice dress this is. I mean, like professional-not-homemade-looking-at-all. It is fully lined, and really just as pretty inside as they are out. The swingy addition of the lining makes Twinkle LOVE wearing it, and she’s asked to just run around in it several times because it makes her feel fancy, I think.  The big bow can optionally be tacked in place like Tiny’s is, but for Twinkle’s we  just couldn’t resist the floppy look. big bow dress pattern review

big bow dress pattern review big bow dress pattern review big bow dress pattern review big bow dress pattern review

Although the dress is sleeveless, I think it transitions well into Fall when you pair it with a cardigan or shirt underneath like we did here. The big bow is classy but so fun, and the whole look is really just making my heart sing. And please not my patriotic color pallet in honor of election day! (May the lines be short and the best candidate win!) Thanks Miranda, for letting us test The Big Bow Dress out!



Yes Mim! I love the way these turned out! I think your fabric choice was spot on, and how fun to tie it in to election day! I’m so happy to hear that the girls like them. Thanks so much for your help! You’re the best. xo


Oh my! This certainly is an adorable dress! The girls look like mini J.Crew models. Yes, it’s sleeveless but I agree that it transitions well if paired with a sweater.


Yay, love these! They’re great in polka dot, and I think it’s fun that you tacked one up and let the other bow go floppy. Also funny to see you did an inverted box pleat too. 😉 Your little gals sure are cuties!!


These are dear, I love Josie’s red glasses, so rhetro, so fun. Could the Harper, Josie shots be more precious? No, they could not.


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