Eggy’s Wedding and a last minute Lace Pencil Skirt

For as long as I can remember, my little brother Adam has been affectionately called “Egg” in our family. The etymology is something as follows: it went from Adam to Adam Shmagum to Eggum Shmegum to simply Egg. Well, just over a week ago Eggy Pop was married to a beautiful girl named Kristie, who we’re all thrilled to now call sister. They were a lovely couple, and it was a beautiful day.

Here a few photos that I snapped the night before at the family dinner, and then some from their big day (I didn’t take the ones of the bride and groom together, I believe they were taken by Kristie’s cute sis-in-law).

Randomly (and much to our delight), there was a movie being filmed right by our pavilion. I dragged the happy couple  over to snap a photo to prove that indeed, there were orcs there to join in the festivities and flash peace signs.

It was a lovely evening.

What a handsome groom he was!

Happy to be taking the leap…

They were perfect.

The night before the wedding I realized that the dress I was planning on wearing (purple to match her colors), wasn’t going to work. I pulled out this yellow blouse (her other color was yellow), but I didn’t have a skirt to go with it! I did, however, have some more of this soft, lovely lace and my Burdastyle Jenny Skirt pattern all cut out (first version here). It was 11 pm when I started it, and it was way, way, waaaaay too late when I finished. Sleep! Who needs it!?  It was totally worth it.

So Girly Girl Tribe starts Kindergarten in a week, and I’ve still got a boatload of sewing to do for her. Aghghhhhh! How am I gonna get it done?! It’s been a blast sewing her wardrobe, but totally ridiculous as well. Next time I’m sure I’ll just make her a few special numbers, rather than every. blessed. thing. I wouldn’t have made her basics etcetera this time around, except that we’re in TIGHT budget mode, and I already had a ton of quality knit that I got for a song, and I didn’t want to spend when we could save.  Hence the total crazy sewing going on up in here.



You look PERFECT. The skirt was definitely worth any sacrifice. Way to whip it together. Can’t wait to see what else the little gets for school!

dawn twanna bialyrchre

love the pix! I can’t even imagine the delight a five year old me would have had to have an entire wardrobe sewn for the first day of school. seriously, you’re the mom bomb.


Wow! Major props on whipping that out on such late notice. It turned out beautifully, I would have never guessed you had made it last minute. That lace is gorgeous.


Well, I started it last minute, but it WASN’T a “whip out” project. It took me maybe…4 or 5 hours–lace is never a quicky project! Thanks Haylee, I’m gonna check out your blog now!


I really love this skirt! I am trying to find some inexpensive lace so I can make my own.

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