Eggy Pop Party

I’ve never been much for Holiday decorating. It takes me years to decorate my own house–I just can’t handle a seasonal switch-up. Besides Christmas, I confess that I’ve never mustered a single holiday centerpiece or vignette. Pretty lame, I know. My poor children and their holiday-decorless  home!

Well, I’m happy to report I’m making a little effort this year.  I decided to throw a smallish egg decorating family party, and gathered the supplies for all these eggs.  It was a no-kids party, which made it about 94% less stressful. (Hey don’t judge me, they’ll get their day in the sun in a couple of weeks). Using Martha’s methodology, we blew out the insides which we then transformed into delicious German Pancakes topped with buttery buttermilk syrup and fresh fruit. We dyed, decoupaged, painted, and drew on nearly fifty eggs. It was a blast, and a sizeable mess. I was up til like 3:00 am last night cleaning up.

Here’s my little starter collection: I decoupaged with tissue paper and scrap book paper, silk tie-dyed, and then resist-dyed using this method, except I used art masking fluid instead of beeswax.

How do you feel about holiday decorating? I know I’m in the minority with my anti-holiday-decorating ways, but truthfully, I just haven’t figured out a balance between tasteful and festive–and with holiday decor, it seems a difficult balance to strike.  Thoughts?



I am in total agreement about the holiday decor. This year we’ve got our Easter egg paint chip bunting up that made last last year as my attempt at Easter decor. And it took the place of the felt heart bunting that I made two years ago as an attempt at Valentines Day decor.

I can appreciate the interweb of holiday decor madness, but it’s only on rare occasion that I actually create anything seasonal. I’d much rather create things I will use often, and not have to store in my 1000 square feet:)

Your eggs are beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having a little basket of those around. And an adult craft party sounds like just the way to make that happen! That was smart!


I have a hard time trying to decorate my house, let alone do holidays(Christmas is the exception). But I married into a family who will decorate their entire house for each holiday. Someday, maybe I will get more into decorating for holidays, but that will probably be when I don’t have babies and young kiddos to run around after, try to make meals they will eat, and clean up all the messes. Someday. And for me, today is not that day.
Your eggs turned out so beautiful! Thanks for sharing.


christmas is the only holiday that I normally decorate for. occasionally I have something for a different holiday, or christopher will make a decoration that we will hang in the window. Oh, we have 7 snowflakes & 1 heart in the window. above our fireplace we have my birthday cards that are all cute & springy.


Those are pretty. Wish I coulda been there 🙂 I agree with holiday dec’s being on the cheesy side, thats why I’m seasonal instead. 😉 And I still would love to replace my snowman quilt with that beautiful winter quilt I saw in that one store, and by that description, only you know what I’m talking about.


You think you’re in the minority, but people like you are more common than you think. I’ve lived in my house for almost two years, and I’m still trying to decorate the first time around. A couple rooms still have nothing but furniture. I definitely don’t decorate for any holiday besides Christmas. Maybe after 10 years, I’ll be ready for the other holidays. 🙂


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