Easy Swing Tee in Green // Color Your Summer

Green has always been my fave (although orange has sort of taken over my life lately), and today I’m over at sweet Delia’s to share my tutorial and pattern for an easy swing tee in her and KoJo’s rad Color Your Summer series, which I’m assuming you know about and love already (if not, buckle up!).

mad mim_color my summer_green swing shirt_02

mad mim_color my summer_green swing shirt_03Things around here are chugging along. I’ve almost finished unpacking (just barely got my sewing room/office in working order), and now have the daunting task of decorating the place.  It always takes me a bit to jump in and decorate because its such an overwhelming task. For me. AND, I feel like I need a ton more art, so that’s holding me up. AND, I want to make some of that art myself. AND we have next to no furniture despite our 7 1/2 years of marriage, and I am filled with aspirations to build some like for starters a dining table, sewing desk, and craft hutch. Ambitious much? Yeah, I know I know. But the house we’re renting has a couple really nice table saws, and I feel I would be wasting an opportunity to learn a craft I’ve always wanted to if I didn’t at least give it a valiant effort. So I’ll be switching it up around here, which will be F. U. N. and maybe a little dangerous.  And thanks for all your encouragement for chopping my hair! I’m gonna go the glory and do it (I think)!




I love this sweet lil top! These kind are the ones that get worn to death in our house! 🙂 Thank you for sharing the free pattern! You rock. 🙂


That bell shape looks so darling on your little bell, and what pretty sleeves they end up being on the little gal.


Thank you so much for sharing your pattern!! I have made *ahem* six so far. But I have two in that size, so it makes it not quite as bad… right? 😉


Brittney, Wow!! That’s so awesome, it really makes me so happy! Thanks so much for sharing–I love love love to see people have success with patterns or tutorials I make, thank you!

yam b fan

oh my! This color on little Tiny is SO terrific, also the cut–truly adorable! The heart design–well,it melts mine!


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