Easy Eyelet Lace Onesies (+eyes and ear news)

I did these sweet little numbers over a year ago as a gift to my cousin’s wife and her darling little baby girl who was born just a few weeks before Tiny.  She has  since turned into a vivacious little beauty, that one.

Onesies are  the blank canvas of the baby world, and this was a simple yet sweet embellishment. Mini tut: I dyed the onesies along with a cut of eyelet lace in three different hues of Rit dye. Then I zigzagged the lace along the top and side edges to secure. Seemple.

I made a couple of these for my Harpsichord, but I can’t find them!! I must have stuffed them somewhere in the move for safe keeping, but dangitalltohalifax, it was a little too safe.

I have a stack of back-to-school pieces to post about, but I just need to get down and dirty in a photoshoot with the girl! Speaking of Kindergarten Tribe, she needs glasses! We took her into the eye doc today, and I was totally surprised to find out that she’s got pretty bad vision. I’m a little sad about it, but she’s pretty jazzed to wear glasses, so that’s good. I looked into zenni optical and they have some cute ones, but we don’t seem to agree about what’s cute! I think she’d rock some large Zoey D glasses, but she seems to dig anything pink and flowery. Will I be able to let go and let her choose? We’ll see. Any other tips/places to buy frames?

In other body related  news, we also found out last week that Tiny is deaf in one ear. The is good and bad news for us. We’ve known for a while that she doesn’t hear well, so it was so great to finally know for sure what is going on, and have a game plan for the future. And she’s got one good ear!! Children with her disorder (auditory neuropath spectrum disorder) usually have it in both ears, so we feel so blessed that she’s got a normal functioning ear. She does often have fluid though, so they said that when she’s had fluid in the past, she’s likely been almost entirely deaf, which has been our impression at times. She has tubes, but it’s seems they’ve been clogged half the time. Anyway, so now we’re starting a new slew of testing, and hopefully we’ll be able to figure a little bit more about her situation. It’s taken a while, but bit by bit I feel like we’re piecing together a puzzle, and every little piece helps clarify the big picture. For more about Tiny and our journey with her, read here, here  here, here, and here.



Love the onesies. So cute! My 5-year-old also had to get glasses this year. We went to Visionworks and were able to get two complete pairs of glasses (including the lenses and everything) for $89. It’s nice to have two pairs because she wanted pink, and I wanted neutral, so we got both. Also, there’s a back-up for when she inevitably breaks one. Good luck with the glasses search.


Costco has the cheapest frames and lenses. My mom always bought them there for my young brother because if he broke them playingnat school it was no big deal. It was cheaper to replace then to buy the fancy kid proof glasses.


I am loving the onesies! I will be pinning them for future use. As for glasses, I have some friends who get their kids’ glasses on the internet for extremely cheap. That way they can have more than one pair. Sorry that I don’t know where though.

Megan E

My niece had to get glasses right before she started kindergarten. My family is lucky in that we have a great friend who works for an optometrist and told us what info/measurements we needed to order glasses online (I tried looking for that email but couldn’t find it-I could get that info though if you needed it). My niece got a really cute pair of thick-framed pink glasses from zenni. I would recommend ordering two pairs though because little kids misplace glasses all the time.

As an adult I got a groupon for an eye exam and then ordered a really cute pair of glasses from zenni as well. Lenses, frames, and shipping came to be $24! It was such a steal I almost ordered a couple different pairs.

Good luck finding some glasses you both like, and good luck with your sweet Harper!


If it’s not too much trouble, I would really appreciate that info. I really do want to order online, it seems like such a good deal, but I don’t really know what to look for! And we’re definitely going to buy a couple pair so that she can have a couple to wear/lose/ruin etc. Thank you Megan!

the mither

ahem. ask Eirene. Ben gave Adam a link where he bought 3 pairs online for around $100 and believe me, 3 pairs is NOT too many to have.


okay, so i will take the yellow onsie, in pregasaurus size thanks 🙂
cuddles for the littlies x


we got christopher’s first pair from zenni, but since have gotten them at walmart bcuz his eyesight was bad enough that it would have cost extra at zenni. his were $38 @ walmart & the frames have a year warranty. When ever we are at walmart we have them readjusted bcuz michael bends them all the time. we are on our 3rd pair in 3 years.


I would strongly recommend that for a child’s first pair of glasses you buy them in person, from a good optician. They are experts on fitting and style, as well as what the best options are for lenses. It can make a huge difference to your child’s comfort. Even if you can’t afford top of the line (which I don’t recommend for kids, LOL), a visit to an optical store can teach you a lot and make on line shopping easier. My daughter’s first pair were pink (and from Walmart, not exactly experts, LOL), but after that we went to a good optician and now she’s been wearing really dramatic purple glasses for the last few years. SHe’s way more confident with her choices than I would have been at her age!
Would a dairy or wheat free diet help with the fluid in Harper’s ears? I know she’s got the extra health issue 🙂 but it can help healthy kids with ear fluid problems.


I already went ahead with a couple different glasses online. One cheap pair from zenni’s and another more expensive pair elsewhere. We did get the prescription as well as lens recommendation from the eye doctor; i’m hoping it’s enough! I also plan on going in to walmart to see if they can fit the glasses once they get here. I feel like such a rookie in this new world! thanks for the tips!


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