easy batik + ombre leg warmers

Last weekend my kiddies (minus the baby of course) had the time of their lives camping and “running wild” at a family reunion in Idaho. They went with my in-laws and “ate all the treats they wanted!!!” Being especially batty emotional right now, I sort of balled the entire first day they were gone, but the remainder of the weekend I spent cuddling with my baby girl and crafting just a little; both were extremely therapeutic.

I’ve been playing around with a really easy batiking method that’s quick, fun, and cool. I’ll tell you more about it later. I decided to razzle dazzlify these cloth diaper burp clothes, because I’ve turned out needing many more than I thought do to Harpsichord’s condition. (In case any of you don’t already know, cloth diapers make the ultimate burp clothes–I think they can hold like a pint of puke).  mad mim _batik diaper clothes, ombre leg warmers

mad mim_batik diaper clothes, ombre leg warmers mad mim_batik diaper clothes, ombre leg warmers

I also ombrified some white leg warmers I made using some $2 socks from Target. Tiny’s little legs are too skinny for them currently, but I intend to beef them up ASAP. mad mim_batik diaper clothes, ombre leg warmersOnesies and leg warmers are my baby summer staples. Oh, and my baby swaddlers. I wouldn’t know how to mother without those. Do you have a baby staple you can’t live without?



LOVE those burp cloths! I have a package of plain ol’ cloth diapers waiting to be batikified. Thanks for the awesome idea. Do you have a tutorial you recommend for the technique?


Thanks Carey! I don’t know of a tutorial, but I’m going to be putting one up here soon so stay tuned!


I would like to bear my testimony of those swaddlers! I used them with my second baby and want to cry for past me who didn’t know about them with my first. My little girl came out HUGE, so we had to special order the giant size once she got a little older, but it was worth it!

Also, leg warmers are about the cutest things in the whole world. Sometimes I wish I could get away with wearing them.


I would be lost without my nursing pillow. Breastfeeding did not work out for my first born (preemie baby, low milk supply, REALLY long hard labor….yada yada) so with baby girl 2.0 I was totally ignorant to the breastfeedinig tool kit. Thank the good Lord for the lactation lady who wisely told me ” Darling get you a nursing pillow before your shoulder falls off”.

Oh and my iPad, only way I stay awake for these 2AM feedings. How our Mothers did this without all this stuff I will never know. They are the real super women.


Those swaddling blankets saved us! Until he started rolling over onto his tummy in them but that is another story. I also think I would have died without my iPhone in the middle of the night.

We also have some leg warmers for Ollie but at 6 months his legs are STILL too skinny for them. Hopefully he can wear them soon!


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