Easter Best: Her Cardigan and Tee

Are you sick of me sewing for Easter? I am. I’ve got one more thing left, but I just don’t know if I can make it to the finish line. We’ll see how tired I get tonight…I usually don’t sew during the day, but I’ve totally been cheating a little this past week, and well, I am ready to just read a book or something. Or pack. I could do that too.

Ok, so this little set to go under and over her jumper were both modified versions of Ottobre’s puffed sleeve tee (obviously the cardi was really modified–I think I might do a tutorial on that later).  Anyway, I love these. The fit is pitch perfect, and I just love them all together. I think Twinkle is getting a tad spoiled though, because, bless her heart, she barely mustered an eyebrow lift when I showed them to her this morning. She’s like yeah, whatev, Mom. You sew something new for me like everyday. And…. I do. How can I get her to maintain a level of receiving-enthusiasm to match my vivor for production?

mad mim sewing_girl's puffed sleeve t shirt and cardigan mad mim sewing_girl's puffed sleeve t shirt and cardigan mad mim sewing_girl's puffed sleeve t shirt and cardigan



So cute. Now if it was only grown up sized. That would be perfect!
I am pretty lucky, I don’t make things as often, so my kids still think I am the bomb when I sew for them. Good luck!


I love the cardigan! I still intend to make one for my daughter for Easter Sunday. Now I have some inspiration to do it. I actually got side tracked yesterday and made three aprons instead of working on her cardigan.


LOVE it! can’t wait for the pic w/all three dressed up in their easter clothes!


I can’t either! And I ordered a super fancy camera (finally!!!), so I’m excited to experiment with that. The lens won’t be here for two weeks or so, so I’ll just have to have their Easter pics be a little late. Can’t wait!


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