Dresser Redo

When Allan and I were getting married and trying to scrounge up furniture, we found these two beauties at a massive college apartment furniture sale for $10 a piece. They were probably overpriced. They’re the cheap laminate wood, but they’ve held up surprisingly well. I’ve always hated them, and planned on replacing them ASAP, but ASAP turned into As Soon As I-get-around-to-it, and then.. IDRSMOMIT (I’d Rather Spend Money On More Important Things). So I FINALLY decided to make them a little more bearable, seeing as they’re probably sticking around for awhile. First I cut off the two inside lips, and pushed the two together. Then I used a stencil from Ed Roth’s Stencil 101 Décor (thanks again, Aundi), and  a few coats of polyurethane for durability. I like it! I wouldn’t do this to a solid wood piece of furniture, but I don’t feel a bit of remorse painting veneer!

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I really like this, I am really enjoying your website, its just so creative and fun. It inspires me to try new things. I just love it.

Oh and on Merrit and the food, that is rough. I can’t believe he won’t eat anything. I’m sure you have, but have you tried mixing your food with breastmilk, which is what I assume his food of choice is? I started Carson’s solids with lots of milk at first and very warm. Just an idea, I hope he picks it up soon. 🙂

heather e

That is rad. And I bet it didn’t take too long. Holy cow mim. I can’t wait til your blog becomes mainstream. It’s that good.


Hi there,
I’m a friend of Becca’s (hopefully you don’t know more than one) she turned me onto your blog…and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT.. Thanks for sharing such fun projects. Love the dressers…and all the fun clothes..I only wish I could sew like you..I am super impatient and therefore super sloppy.

Anyway..check out my blog–we should be friends.


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