Dressing (and sewing) my truth.

Lately I’ve been bugged by my lack of defined style.  I’m not talking about trends or currentness, but rather distinct, developed, unique, style. It’s become more apparent lately, as I’ve been building my boards on Pinterest. I would look at my original style board (now deleted), and was really bugged that it was so willy nilly. No direction! No common elements or style lines! I liked so many different things from so many different styles that I wondered what IS my style? What is ME? What actually looks good on me? What am I comfortable in? What do I really like verses just what’s currently trendy?  I hate that I’m almost 30, and I don’t know! I have always admired people who have all that figured out, and have a very individual sense of who they are that is manifested in how they dress. I don’t care two straws whether or not it’s on trend or not something I would wear.  There is just something so attractive about somebody who is confident and sure about what they like and wear.  I have friends on Pinterest who I can identify by their pins and without looking at their name because I know what they like and so do they.  My sisters Emily and Eirene are both very much like this, and I found myself wishing I could say the same.

I was talking to my sister Rene about this, and she gave me a very thorough run-down on *dressing your truth‘s beauty profiling. It’s all about first learning more about and identifying your personality, talents, body language, etc and then discovering what that reveals about your own personal beauty truth. Think: not how you dress, but who you are, and then how your clothing reflects that. They categorize the different types as Type 1, 2, 3, 4 energies, with each type also corresponding to an element: air, water, fire, earth.  Every woman has also  has very specific elements about their personality and tendencies that should guide their style (if they’re being true and honoring who they are, which is the point of the course). I worked really hard and spent several hours these past few days trying to decide what type I am (it wasn’t easy!), and what that means about my personal style. At first I was frustrated because I didn’t fit perfectly into any of the one types, but after a while I finally started to recognize certain elements surfacing over and over for me (what actually helped the most is when I set aside time to window shop online). I’m a type 3 personality (fire), with lots of 2 (water) and quite a bit of 1 (air) too. That will mean nothing to you, but the point is, that after a LOT of self evaluation I discovered a few principles and elements that I know I like and can really hang my hat on as being “me.” It was delightful! Here’s my new style board: I don’t have a ton there yet, but I’m much more in love and sure about what is.

Some things I’m now sure that I like:

Texture, and lots of it. I love tasteful and subtle haberdashery and embellishment. I love tone on tone, special little details like scallops, lace or pleats.

The type 3 in me loves structure and angles, but the 2 in me likes it softened up. So structure with pleats or tailoring, but with just enough drape or rounded corners to make it feminine; or soft lines and drape with geometric design or pleats to give it structure.  I love mixing hard (type 3) with soft (type 2).



Rich colors–slightly muted–especially organic earth tones.

Pattern.  Love it. Especially simple repeats, geometric design, and small prints (like floral). I tend toward low to medium contrasts.


This all pertains to sewing in the fact that I often jump into a sewing project feet first without putting enough thought into it. I buy what’s on sale, I make what I see, so in the end I may end up with something nice, but not necessarily something I love. If I’m going to take the time, effort and energy into making my own clothing, By George, it should definitely end up being something I love.  I took a look at my closet and saw lots of stuff that I don’t love or identify with, and that included many items that I’ve made. My goal is to weed through my wardrobe, get to a point where I love and be confident in everything I have, as well as being thoughtful about what I sew and buy in the future.  To think about color, texture, movement, angles etc before I sew, and take the time to tailor or redesign to make it my own.

Sounds like a no brainer, but do you know what you like? Do you look into your closet and like what you see? Do you feel that your wardrobe reflects who you are?

*Dressing Your Truth is not a free program, but I actually do think it’s pretty worth while. If you don’t want to spend any money but want to get an idea of the program, I think her book is pretty cheap and that would give you a pretty good idea of what it’s about; I know there are several blogs too that would provide some good info, if you wanted to google it.


Elizabeth Moon

I totally know what you mean about finding a distinct style. It’s something I would love to explore further for myself. I also really like a lot of what you identified as being your style elements. 🙂

Beth M. Stephenson

This is interesting, Mim. I’m going through my closet today. . .and then to the donation center with the results, and then to the thrift store to hunt. My favorite clothes always end up being the ones I almost didn’t buy. (The not-so-safe-choices). Happy November!

Emily Balling

I loved first perusing down your pictures, they were so deliciously Mim, texture, warm, I then loved reading your words and it really seemed you nailed it, a SOFTENED 3, with a bit of air and fun to lighten it all up. Those pictures really are all you.
I’ve been thinking about the whole bit too, and looking through my closet, what a dirty lot of snoozy non-pin pointed hand me downs I have. I think the Lord is happy I’ve graciously worn them. The things I have bought are largely what I can afford and what I’ve had time to hunt for, which isn’t nailed to my style as much either with less time and money. So as a mother I feel my style hasn’t been all its been in the past, which thank you for the compliment, used to spell me out specifically. But I love the fact that there are splashes of me in my closet, graces from my Heavenly Father in what I’ve made and had some time somehow to make, or that He’s planted in my path so kindly and lovingly.
And the filler, you know the hand me downs and the make do’s best I could find for price and modesty, and time, why, they’re modest and unpretensious, so I can count on hopefully a better hair do and a piece of jewelry maybe in the future as it helps to feel good each day we face; and mostly lots of prayers and smiles to make the true me shine through.
I found looking through my closet I am more 2 than I thought however I realized too, that 1 is an important part of me and that its fitting to let it splash through more and be true to it, I am sort of a romantic, old fashioned, charming, Russian, softened 1 I think if it be true.
🙂 Love,


When I first started reading this post, I thought, that’s easy, Mim’s style is preppy bohemian. Your pictures do kind of reflect that. Like, you’re not full-on preppy, because that would be too straightforward and boring. And you’re not 100% bohemian, because that would just be sloppy. But you’re a good combo. Is that oversimplifying it too much? I know I tend to get overwhelmed with fashion, so I end up choosing a pretty simple wardrobe. Lately I’ve been looking at this very simple wardrobe and craving the ability to accessorize better. Like, what in the sam hill do I do with a scarf? Things like that. I believe I am a terrible accessorizer and therefore don’t look completely put together most of the time. I could definitely use some help in this department.


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