DIY Jewelry Chandelier

madmim DIY jewelry chandilier

If you called me a earring-crazed-fool, I wouldn’t call you a liar.

Since I took the plunge into the perforated population, I haven’t had a moment’s regret or remorse.  In fact, I’ve taken every moment I can to enjoy my new adornable ears.  I’ve haunted our local farmer’s market, picking up a new pair of danglers, almost every Saturday this past summer.

But with many earrings comes much clutter and I quickly discovered I lacked a practical place to store them.  What to do? I’ve seen a few earring holders that were barely  tolerable, but the one that really jiggled my jello was this beauty found here. dormdecor jewelry chandilier

Cool, right?

So in my casual search for chicken-wire I stumbled upon these fire-place grates (at least I think that’s what they are) from The Restore (which btw rocks my home-improvement world), for $1 a piece.  I thought they’d work just fine in a pinch. And turns out they are even more ideal! Once I bent them into half circles and then used fabric strips to secure them together, I discovered they not only  hold danglers admirably, but also have this incredibly perfect little space at the top and bottom edges that is perfect for holding posts.  ‘Tis too true! (Man I can’t escape the subtle Austin quotes tonight!)

mad mim before and after DIY fire grate jewelry chandelier

mad mim before and after DIY fire grate jewelry chandelier

mad mim before and after DIY fire grate jewelry chandelier

mad mim before and after DIY fire grate jewelry chandelierI really love the way this turned out, and I feel it adds so much color and bling to my dresser.

So yeah. Fire grates. Dangling from my ceiling. Holding my earrings. That’s what I like to call Fire-proof and functional.



Not fire grates. They are for painting. You roll paint rollers over them to get the excess paint off. But, either way, they are super cute.

InCircle Interiors

How did you get them to bend like that? I have had this on my mind lately since I lost my other earring holder in our move. I need to make a new one. I’m logging this away for consideration. It’s beautiful and I like that it can hang from the ceiling.

Amy Morby

loooooooooove it! If I didn’t have a rascal for a cat I would do this in a heartbeat! I think he’d destroy it and my years and years of earring collecting in seconds flat. beautiful, though!


LOOOOOVE IT!! Seriously, so original…I have never seen one of these before! Hello Christmas presents!


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