DIY Dress Form

Meet Rosabelt, Twinkle’s DIY dress form.

Since I’ve been doing all this late night sewing for Kindeegartner Tribe, I finally decided it was time to quit crawling up to her top bunk to gingerly reach around her sleeping body to get another waist measurement.  Now that I’ve just written that sentence I can see that a very simple solution would have been to write down her measurements. Doh! Well, no matter, I’ve been wanting to try this technique since I first saw it in Sewing Clothes Kid’s Love by Nancy Langdon and Sabine Pollehn. The technique is pretty simple and it took about an hour; totally worth it for how handy it’s been to have while sewing.

I had her wear a nasty old tee and some hole-y tights, and then I first duct-taped her shirt to her tights all around, and then covered her entire shirt and crotch area with about two layers of tape. She thought this was just hysterical, and the biggest problem I ran into was having to tell my boy I wasn’t gonna make him one too (maybe later!) I’ve heard others say that it gets hot, but I think doing it with clothes and not like a garbage sack underneath really helps–she never complained about anything.  Once I finished, I just cut up the side, being super careful to use my your hand as a barrier between my scissors and her skin. She was able to just step out of it, and I taped up the cut, legs and arm openings, and then stuffed it with grocery bags.  For hanging purposes, we put in a sturdy hanger and then filled and taped around it.  It was a quicky job, but it fits the bill.

Since finishing the form (quickly named Rosabelt), Twinkle and I have been arguing about her wanting to draw a face on her chest. I just can’t let her, it’s too creepy. Yesterday she came up with a face-solution that we were both happy with. The belly button I drew in because a) it gives me an accurate waist reference point, and b)I love drawing belly buttons like a swirl,and I rarely get the chance to indulge in that pleasure.



That is such a great idea! It’s an easier way to try it on them without actually stopping them from their play and having them there wiggling around … my daughter does it all the time. I also just like the idea of duct taping her up!! haha.
PS: cute swirly belly button!


Hi Miriam, cute little body form. Looks great and actually sounds like it was quite easy. As I am sewing alot for myself and always have some problems getting the fit right – I am very tall – 1,80m with a high body rise – so rarely can use the patterns as they are without adjustments to waist or bust – this post makes me want to make a body form for myself – although I fear my spouse might have a bit to much fun ducktaping me and then maybe he doesn’t “untape” me so I am stuck in duck tape … 😉
With my little girl I don’t have the fitting problem – I am always writing down the measurments – as I would have forgotten them as soon as I am back at my sewing machine …
Also thanks for the tip with the straight stichted hem – will try that as it looks really neat (have project going with sturdy jersey that would be a perfect try for this technique).
Have a nice weekend 🙂


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