DIY Android Phone Case

If you were the happy owner of an Android HTC Evo 4G, and were looking diligently for a cute phone case, you would very likely be frustrated. Because there aren’t any cute ones–at least not that I could find.  The iphone seems to have a tight grip on the market for cool cases, apparently we Androids aren’t worthy of all that awesomeness.

My sweet hubby bought me one when I first got the phone, but (for some reason) I wasn’t entirely bummed when it (mysteriously) broke a couple months later (jk Allan, Twinkle really did break it). While looking for a replacement I decided that modge podging was my only real option. I bought a cheap, white, hard case as well as 1/8 of a yard of a Kaffe Fasset stripe. It was a mess, and at first I didn’t think it would work. But then it did, and I liked it.

In a  few words, here’s how it went: I cut the fabric larger than the case, modge podged it on, and smoothed it over all the curves.  I then let it dry completely, then exacto’d around the edges and holes. After that I just slapped on a few more coats of the good stuff and that was it.

I think it will hold up nicely, but it has kind of a scratchy texture that I don’t love.  I have a thing about that…I also don’t like the feel of my callused heels on expensive sheets. Give me lesser-thread-count sheets or give me death!

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Yam B Fan

What will you think of next? I would never have imagined that to be possible! Astronomical.


Great idea! I’ve got a droid 2 (which I’m kinda ready to get rid of) and the case broke ages ago. I’m a phone dropper.

Your comment about the callused heels made me laugh because I have the exact same thing! Dang dry skin.

Beth M. Stephenson

Dear Madmim, the only problem with your awesome phone case project is that now, having seen it, I feel like a slouch with anything less spectacular. It’s sort of like Jesus teaching in parables to protect us by our own ignorance. Now that I know how to do it, I can’t just admire it, I know that I should DO something about my lack of acceptible case. Sigh* I wanted to go visiting today but now must stay home with my modge podge.


That’s neat. You can use finer and finer grades of steel wool to sand modge podge. At least that’s what the bottle tells me, I haven’t gotten around to that step yet (I modged podged a trombone case). Then, I’d use a liquid epoxy to make it really shiny and hard (but maybe do a sampler first to make sure it doesn’t screw up the modge podge layers).


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