Deck the Halls // Tiny’s Handmade Christmas Stocking

Being the marathon crafter I am, there are only a  few things that I relish taking my time making, and our family’s Christmas stockings has been one of them. Remember my handmade Christmas stockings from a couple of years ago?  Each of them was detailed, time consuming, and a real treat to make.  I think it’s the thought that I’m making something that will be part of our little family’s culture and tradition forever.  Kids will always grow out of clothes, but Christmas stockings are something we’ll pull out and appreciate year after year.

For some reason, I was at a loss for any good stocking design ideas last year, so Tiny went stockingless, poor sweety. I actually crocheted a bunch of really pretty flowers, but the project never came into fruition because I just wasn’t in love with it. So fast forward to Sewing Summit this last Fall, and as I was prepping for my Shapes and Angles quilt class (taught by Faith and  Kati), I finally had an idea for her stocking–a hexagon quilted and embroidered stocking in jewel tones (remember I’m no respecter of traditional Christmas colors)! The class was really awesome, and honestly, my natural sewing intuition would have muddled the whole thing–quilting (especially with angles) is tricky! My mind just doesn’t work like a quilter’s; you have to be so precise, and the techniques and little tips I learned in the class were so helpful.

This sucker took forever! I got it mostly assembled during the Summit, but I didn’t calculate enough pieces (arghghg), and so gathering all the fabric again, cutting out another hexagon template and then assembling and embroidering that bad boy has taken me a couple months.  But I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve just loved thinking how she’ll love it and look forward to pulling it out each year.

Tiny's handmade hexigon quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking

Tiny's handmade hexigon quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking
Tiny's handmade hexigon quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking

Tiny's handmade hexigon quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking Tiny's handmade hexigon quilted and embroidered Christmas stocking
My basic DIY instructions are to calculate your quilted front to be larger than your template (use my perfect christmas stocking template !), and then quilt and embroidery the front using an embroidery hoop.  Kati has awesome hexagon cutting and piecing tutorials, and I got all of my stitches using this fantastic stitch guide.  Using your stocking template, trace (not cut!) onto your quilted front, and sew with a small straight stitch along that line. Then carefully cut just outside that stitch line so that all your piecing and embroidery doesn’t unravel.  Then assemble normally from there–use my talented college roomate LeAnne’s lined Christmas stocking tutorial if you need help!
Is there anything you enjoy taking your time to make? Mostly I like to just bust it out (which is why I don’t have the stamina to quilt), but sometimes it’s very sweet and relaxing to thoughtfully create and craft.


Emily Balling

Oh, no, that doesn’t just say…Harper, Harper Harper as soon as you see it…oh yes it does! That doesn’t just say, year after year her heart will dance when she sees the bright colors placed just so for her, and stitched in love…why yes it does! That stocking pulls at my heart because it is in-fact practically perfectly Harper in every way!!! I love it!!! I am so glad you posted it. And do I spy nestled in the background a treasure-ous nativity made of warm toned, rich and earthy wood. Why yes. In fact I do. Well done, sis.


Oh Mim,
I LOVE little TIny’s stocking! I totally stole your idea for making my families stockings and feel the same about not matching perfectly. I made Eve’s last year. I made the rest of them this year. Eve helped pick her fabric as did Russell and Zeke. I wasn’t quite as creative with my family’s stockings…and still have some details to finish. But, I love them. My special touch is to add some fabric from each of my baby’s first outfits from when they were newborns to their stocking.
Anyway, I have not found inspiration for my stocking yet and it may not happen before Christmas…
I will have to send you a pic of the ones I have done.
Blah, blah, blah. This comment is increasingly long.
love ya!


Becca, I’ll bet your sweet stockings are amazing, everything you do is. I would LOVE to see them!!! ISn’t it SO fun to make them? I LOVE my stockings. Like, SO much. They bring me so much cheer every Christmas, and I’m so glad I’ve put so much time and love into them. I love the idea of having their newborn fabric incorporated, I can’t wait to see how that works! Love you, Becca!


This is THE most beautiful stocking I have ever seen. Hands down. Worth every ounce of effort you put into it. And that is a LOT of effort 🙂


I love this stocking! I have been working with hexagons a lot lately – they are addictive, and this would be a perfect project for them. That is, I might have a chance to finish it in this lifetime. I also adore your hand embroidery. Beautiful!


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