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A few weeks ago I spent all afternoon talking blog, balance, family, and other mysteries of life with some of my two favorite bloggers, Caitlin and Miranda. It was a blast–I love talking bloggy with people who know where I’m coming from.

The thing that stood out to me about all of our very stimulating convo was the idea that our blog–for good or for bad–is a reflection of our creative health. Creativity, that impetuous creature, most be guided, nurtured and protected with a keen eye and heart, or else it can easily get swallowed in the sustenance of a blog or __________.  I often feel like my blog is capable of sprouting  it’s own little legs to scamper off away from me on, and that I am constantly having to re-evaluate it’s place and importance in my life. I also sometimes feel like it’s my little house pet, and I’m having to keep it contained, because in order to keep it (which I do so want) I have to make sure it stays out of the way and doesn’t cause any undue distractions. I am, however, easily distracted; and so the thing that I love is also sometimes the thing that I must pull away from. When my blog drives my creative process, it becomes work. When creativity drives and is reflected on my blog naturally and spontaneously, it’s an outlet, a pleasure, a passion. My creativity and creative outlets help me be a good mom, too, because when I’m creative and creating, then I’m happy feeling productive, and inspired. I am one of those women who absolutely loves being a mom and all that it entails. I am also one of those women who believe the a good, hearty, healthy passion (and distracton dare I say) is imperative to successful mothering and sanity. It’s the balancing act of the two, however, that I tend to find ever-changing and challenging.

Caitlin, the talented artist that she is, sent this lovely little sketch the day after we visited that depicts this idea so cleverly.  I love it so much, I promptly pinned it on my wall for a daily reminder of who is behind the wheel, and why she’s there.


Yam b fan

I think you are right, that all moms need a balance in order to give more to their families. It is definitely a balancing act. Some women have full or part-time jobs, some are into sports or exercise (playing on teams,etc.), some people enjoy watching tv/movies, some are avid readers. Some volunteer at church or community organizations, especially those that support their kids’ youth programs. Your children aren’t old enough quite yet to be pulled in that direction, but all I can assure you is that the balancing part of it will only get trickier. One thing is true, and that is the task expands to the time alloted it. So if I have a day when I have “nothing” to do (there really is no such day, but at least no pressing obligations are landing on that day), why that “nothing” can fill my day. I always felt bad that for instance, when I had to work part-time, I became more efficient when I had to get x,y or z done before my shift started. Then something that would have taken all day (and might easily have gotten put off until the next day) can suddenly be accomplished by 2pm! So that is the role your blog can play in your life. It’s your incentive to fill your day with good things, so that you have some “after-hours” time that is available to fulfill your creativeness. I love how you constantly work to keep it in balance so that the pet doesn’t become the master. We are all performing that same juggling act, whether we are conscious of it or not. I see that you are highly conscious, and in so doing, bless many lives with the joy of yours. Thanks for that.


wow, everything you said is something I too have thought about. I’m no big blogger, but I think I could easily let myself become overcome with my blog. Thanks for sharing the image.


Hey, hi there….um, I think we were roommates for one quick BYU summer (’03?) I found your blog via Hue and Hum. I clicked over from her site and I say your picture and name and thought, “Hmm, me think I knew her once.”

Then I Looked around your site and I think I’ve confirmed it. We were roommates once. You site looks lovely. I’ve got a similar site over at:

Good to blog/see you again.



Yes, I remember you! I think it was just the second half of the summer even…and we were room roomates? I think so! With Marth and Esther? And I can’t remember who else? Wait, I remember the other girl, the cute blonde that was so sweet, I just don’t remember her name. I was just getting ready for my mission, and I think I worked at Coldstone. Seems like a million years ago!
Just had a looksy over at your blog, I love that you’re an artist!! I would LOOOOOOOVE to learn more about art, I especially loved your post about drawing the mona lisa. That made me tear up, and I would pay serious cash for any of those. They were amazing.
Thanks so much for re-connecting! It’s always so crazy when real life intersects with blogland, don’t you think??
Take care!
xo Mim


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