Color My Mind

A couple weekends ago was my anniversary, and since Allan got to choose the restaurant, I got to choose the activity. I thought it would be fun to go to Color Me Mine (or Color My Mind as my niece Milly used to call it), and do some custom ceramics. We’ve gone in the past and I loved it, but I can only drag Allan there every three or so years without him whining too much.  It was super fun, except that I had a little design drama. After getting an hour into my butter dish, I realized it was awful, scrapped the design, started again, scrapped that, started again, and was finally rushed to finish. Allan was a good sport, as I had given him the basic idea for the spoon rest, and he had finished after determinedly working for an hour. So he was finishing as I was just starting over the first time. Whenever we go again (yes WHEN, Allan, not IF), I will have my designs down rock solid before I step foot in the door.

I love how both of them turned out, especially his. Cool, right?

mad mim crafts_color me mine ceramics mad mim crafts_color me mine ceramics mad mim crafts_color me mine ceramics



color ma mind, I love it! Allan that does look great and even on the studly side. Very geometric and I hate to say it, cute. Mim thats the butter dish that Mom did, huh? Very cute and what a fun anniversary where did you go to eat?


where did allan pick to eat? useful kitchen gadgets and cute w/memories!


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