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So I’ve been crazy busy getting things done before and getting ready for Sewing Summit! I think I’m just about ready to go, but I feel a little silly packing so much fabric!! You better believe I’m gonna get my sew-on–there’s no time like kid-free-sewing-time, I always say.

So I put together these business cards, and although I don’t love the paper (I wanted it a bit more soft and matte), I’m happy with how they turned out. That MIM is my new logo, which may or may not be a work in progress. I made this little leather card holder which won’t hold near as many cards as I thought (the paper is THICK!), but it’s cool. Least I have something.

So I’m out for the week, I’ll be back next week to blog about all the projects I’ve finished and photographed, but just haven’t had a moment to blog about!

Remember that if you’re going to the SS, come over so we can share sewing tricks and divulge too much of our personal lives! (Teaser: I love to drink instead of drain the salty, fishy juice when opening a can of tuna!! Hah hah, beat that!)

mad mim_bizness card_1 mad mim_bizness card_2



These turned out awesome! I love the cards and the case. I hope you have soo much fun. Can’t wait to see what you come back with and hear all about it!


Sounds like a lot of fun! Esp the no kids and lots of sewing part. Ok, I like the olive brine in the jars… mmmmm ! haha.


I don’t think I managed to get one of your pretty cards! Absolutely love the card holder you made. So great meeting you at Sewing Summit!


Hey Venessa! So nice to have you stop by:) I really loved meeting you too–you’re class was definitely one of my favorites! And I’m still dreaming about your amazing zipper pouch that you made for the auction–it was just perfection!

Jessica at Me Sew Crazy

I just shuddered a bit when I thought about drinking tuna juice….lol. But then again, I like to put syrup all over my corn muffins and eat pretzels with cream cheese.

Love that business card holder! So happy I got to meet you!


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